May 2006 Products of the Week

May 2006 Products of the Week

Safety step

The Safe-T-Step is designed to help avoid injury loading and unloading trucks, cargo vans, and other utility vehicles. This portable, lightweight step features a removable handrail, 400-lb weight capacity, heat-treated cast aluminum alloy construction, and a non-slip surface. Mounted in a flat position on the tailgate, the device can be manually unfolded and retracted with the release of a pull-pin.

William Frick and Co.

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Customizable tool belt

The Pro-Pack tool belt features an interchangeable modular tool pouch fastening system that allows customization of tool placement. The tool belt comes pre-assembled, but its pouches can be moved to any location using a screwdriver. They can also be attached to the belt or directly to each other. Available with a variety of pouch types, such as pockets with small pouches and hammer sleeves, the belt’s pouches come with automotive-grade velour lining to protect the user’s knuckles.

Journeyman Line

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Solar inverters

The PVP5200 and PVP4600 grid tie solar inverters are designed for high peak and weighted efficiency. Featuring a DC input range of 230V to 500V, these inverters are UL-listed and do not require fans. They also include free command center software to view system performance, vacuum fluorescent displays with data logging capabilities standard, and an integrated RS232 serial communication ports.

PV Powered

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Triple-tap GFCI

The McGill portable in-line triple-tap ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) features a 2-ft cable and is designed for outdoor construction sites and harsh industrial environments. The GFCI is 120V/15A rated with a manual reset. It shuts off dangerous electrical currents (4mA to 6mA trip level) in less than .025 sec. Its SJT 12/3 AWG cable combines NEMA 5-15 plugs on the line side with an attached molded T-head power block of three NEMA 5-15 receptacles on the load end.

EGS Electrical Group

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PQ recorder

The DM-III Multitest combines the company’s single- and 3-phase power quality recorder, megohmmeter, and ground resistance and resistivity testers. It is designed to measure and record a variety of power quality parameters, including AC current; AC voltage to 600V (including sags and surges); harmonics (THD and individual up to 49th); active, reactive, and apparent power and energy; peak demand; power factor; frequency; and phase sequence. The DM-III Multitest is supplied with standard 1,000A current transducers.

Amprobe, a business unit of SPX

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