Monitoring Instruments

Monitoring Instruments

57. AEMC Instruments: ML-914 AC Current Data Logger

The Simple Logger II Model ML914 is a 4-channel AC current recording device powered by alkaline batteries and includes four integral 6 inch MiniFlex flexible current probes. It incorporates two user selectable measurement ranges of 100 Amps and 1000 Amps. Harmonic measurements and waveform data are calculated from 64 samples per cycle and are displayed in real time on a PC using the included DataView software. Trend data is stored in memory for later analysis and report generation via wireless Bluetooth communication to the PC. Price: $1149.00, ML-914 AC Current Data Logger Product Information

58. Electro Industries/Gauge Tech: Shark 100B Multifunction Meter

The Shark 100B submeter with BACnet/IP has been designed to support Green Building initiatives, LEED certification, and other energy management strategies. The meter's native BACnet IP lets it seamlessly integrate with BACnet, one of the most widely used Building Control Applications on the market. Commercial building owners use BACnet to control and reduce energy costs, and the highly accurate Shark 100B submeter lets them track up to 40 BACnet objects (for example, Voltage readings)remotely through its embedded Web interface. The user can review energy parameters, see power quality readings, view alarm conditions, poll energy, and configure the BACnet objects remotely, from anywhere in the world. The MSRP for the Shark 100B submeter is $1050. The transducer only version is $950. Shark 100B Multifunction Meter Product Information

59. E-Mon: Web-Mon Enterprise Edition

Web-Mon Enterprise Edition is an Internet-browser-based energy monitor that provides remote meter dashboards over TCP/IP LAN or WAN networks. It is designed for multi-building (campus) type applications as opposed to an earlier version for single-building operation. The electric submeter's and pulse output gas, steam, btu or other utility meters that provide the data, are not included. MSRP $5139

Important Links:
Press Release
Overview Datasheet
Sales Flye
Web-Mon Enterprise Edition Technical Specs

60. E-Mon: Smart Class Meters

“Smart Class” meters for energy / power qu ality monitoring offer a range of basic to advanced functions, including load control, net metering, expanded memory and more. UL/CUL listed and ANSI C12.20 certified, most series devices provide dual-protocol communications for simultaneous operation with multiple BAS systems, billing packages or M&V reporting.

Important Links:
Press Release
Overview Datasheet (Class 3200 Smart Meter)
Overview Datasheet (Class 3400 Smart Meter)
Overview Datasheet (Class 5000 Smart Meter)
Overview Datasheet (Green Class Net Meter w/ Dual Protocol)
Note: From each of the pages above, you can click on links for other information specific to that product, including installation overviews, engineering specifications and an installation manual.

61. Leviton: Smart Class Meters

The Leviton Series 3000 line of revenue-grade meters meets all measurement and verification based opportunities — including smart metering and LEED rating achievement. Designed to provide a simple and effective process for accurately capturing measurements of power consumption, Series 3000 Meters are easy to specify and install for new construction and retrofits. Leviton meters utilize highly accurate current transformers for revenue-grade performance certified to ANSI standards. Every Series 3000 Meter has a user-friendly feedback feature. They also have an energy-direction arrow (per phase energy and total energy) in the display that tells the installer or user if the meter is installed correctly. For installers, the green duty cycle light shows that the meter is collecting electrical consumption data at the appropriate rate. All 100 and 200 Amp solid core CTs have color-coded labels to easily identify and correctly land the wires at the meter. Easily measure power consumption with Leviton Metering Solutions so you can manage energy usage smarter:
Identify how energy is used in order to implement energy saving programs
Receive accurate detail of energy use and demand from a specific circuit or a specific area to a complete building or complex
Discover energy saving opportunities with energy cost center analysis, budgetary accountability and precise cost allocation
Most cost-effective tool to gain LEED points and achieve green building initiatives
Use Series 3000 Meters in commercial, institutional, industrial and government applications for:
• Load profiling and benchmarking
• AMR/BAS/BMS/EMS integration
• Power quality analysis
• Usage aggregation
• Tenant cost allocation
• Measurement and verification
• Energy conservation and cost reduction
• Green building initiatives and Government mandates
• Measures kWh and peak demand, instantaneous power, volts, amps, watts, VAR and VA per phase
• Conforms to all applicable standards of ANSI C12.1
• Equipped with an Isolated Pulse Output channel and an RS-485 serial data port for automated meter reading system interface
• RS-485 two way serial data port with native Modbus
Enclosures include surface mount industrial grade JIC steel (indoor) and NEMA 4X (outdoor)
• Large custom LCD display with scroll button
• Arrows on the custom display indicate load direction; the arrows flash when load current is greater than zero
• UL Listing to Standards for Energy Usage Monitoring Systems, file FTRZ.E124377, or Power Circuit and Motor Mounted Apparatus, file NMTR.E124377
• Ten year warranty
Leviton Website

62. Schneider Electric/Square D: 3000 Series Smart Meters

The ION8650 is the world's most advanced energy and power quality meter. This third generation ION8000 series product adds true Class 0.1 accuracy (2 times more accurate than current ANSI and IEC Class 0.2 standards) and complies with the stringent IEC 61000-4-30 Class A international power quality standard.MSRP: Starting from $2444.00. 3000 Series Smart Meters
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