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Motors, Drives & Motor Controls

Motors, Drives & Motor Controls

63. Automation Direct: Stellar SR33 SOA Starters

The Stellar SR33 Series basic soft starters are designed for general purpose applications where traditional across-the-line starting or wye-delta starting would typically be appropriate. The SR33 semi-conductor soft starters, available in 22A to 482A sizes, are suitable to control three-phase AC induction motors with a wide variety of motor loads. This series is an ideal substitute for a Star/Delta starter as it fits into a similar footprint, simplifying installation. All units feature two-phase control, easily and separately adjustable motor start voltage and start and stop times, and depending on model, fault indication of 4 or 7 fault types: SCR or Power Supply, Overheat, Control Power Supply, Bypass Relay Failure, Shearpin, Overload, and Overcurrent. Ideal for applications such as pumps, blowers and conveyors, the SR33 series soft starters use thyristors for controlled reduced voltage motor starting and stopping, and then switch to internal contacts for efficient running at rated speed. Backed by a two-year warranty, SR33 series soft starter prices start at $490. Stellar SR33 SOA Starters Product Information

64. Cooper Crouse-Hinds: ACE Series Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives

Cooper Crouse-Hinds ACE Series Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drive is the only explosionproof enclosure to safely and reliably house a VFD. Combining our EJB Explosionproof enclosure with patent-pending active cooling technology allows traditional VFD to be housed inside the classified enclosure without the risk of overheating. Class I, Divisions 1 & 2 for use in extreme environments. ACE Series Explosionproof Variable Frequency Drives Product Information
Video: Cooper Crouse-Hinds

65. GE: Limitamp AR MCC

Limitamp AR is designed to contain and redirect arc flash energy and exhaust gases up through special vent flaps of the enclosure and away from the system through a plenum. The side panels are constructed from heavy-duty, reinforced, 0.12 thick steel with a welded bottom plate. Limitamp AR MCC Product Information

66. Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley): Centerline 2100 Low-Voltage Motor Control Center

The EtherNet/IP-enabled low-voltage motor control center enhances device integration, reduce setup time, and provide visibility to monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose from anywhere in the plant. Plus, SecureConnect, an optional safety feature, allows operators to remove voltage from units without opening the unit door helping reduce exposure to electrical hazards.

Important Links:
News Release (announcing EtherNet/IP capability)
Video (about SecureConnect feature)

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