November 2004 Products of the Week

November 2004 Products of the Week

Easy-pull cable

The tear-resistant Romex SIMpull nonmetallic Type NM-B cable features a jacket system that reduces friction, eliminates greasy residue, and cuts the amount of force that’s required to pull the cable through wooden joists and rafters and around corners. The cable’s design allows it to strip faster and reduces burn-through when it’s pulled across other cables that are already installed. It meets all requirements of the UL 719 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cables standard.


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Hole-drilling system

The Hole-in-One-Cutter hole-drilling system consists of two types of continuously adjusting radius blades, a drill guide, and a dust cover that collects falling debris. A high-speed steel blade cuts sheetrock, plywood, wood, and acrylic sheet up to 1 in. thick, and a tungsten carbide-tipped blade cuts aluminum and brass sheets as thick as 0.0625 in. thick. The system also includes a set of counter weights to minimize gyration during use.

New Tools International

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Digital multimeter

Available in three models, the PM series compact digital multimeters (DMM) have UL safety ratings as high as CAT III at 300V and CAT II at 600V. The DMMs are slightly larger than a credit card, 0.375 in. thick, and weigh less than 3 oz. They feature an oversized display, built-in leads, and measure AC/DC voltage, frequency, capacitance, and resistance with an audible continuity beeper. The PM51 features 4,000-count auto-ranging display frequency measurement as high as 2 MHz, and a capacitance range to 3,000 mF. The PM53 features a built-in non-contact voltage detector and AutoTect, which automatically adapts the meter to display VAC, VDC, or resistance modes. It measures transient protection to 4kV and overload protection to 450V. The PM55 features one-touch AutoTect, a built-in voltage detector, a 6,000-count auto-ranging display, and auto power off. It measures AC and DC current to 2,000 mA, frequency to 30 kHz, capacitance to 2,000 mF.


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Handheld 3-phase analyzers

The 430 series 3-phase handheld power quality analyzers can measure all phases and the neutral and ground on virtually every connection in a low-voltage electrical distribution system for as many as seven hours. The analyzers are rated to CAT III, 1,000V and CAT IV, 600V for all four channels, which enables power quality service testing at the service entrance. Their measurement capabilities encompass all power system parameters including true rms voltage and current, frequency, power, power consumption, unbalance, and flicker. They automatically capture events like transients, interruptions, rapid voltage changes, dips, and swells, and the data memory stores as many as 50 screens and up to 10 measurements that consist of 32 parameters.

Fluke Power Quality

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Self-attaching dolly

Without the use of tools or hardware, the Lolly turns any step, extension, or articulating ladder into a dolly. With a wide wheelbase, the system is rated to hold 200 lb. and fits in a standard-size truck toolbox. A cable caddy is also available that can be attached along with the ladder and holds as many as six 500-ft spools of #10 wire. Once the ladder is removed, the Lolly can also function as a seat or a flat surface to put tools and materials on.

Mindco Industries

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