November 2006 Products of the Week

November 2006 Products of the Week

DC drives

The DCS800 drives family features controllers that set themselves automatically as well as intuitive functions to eliminate the need to look up every parameter and control setting in the manual. These drives boast simple installation using a completely integrated field supply, and the power connection procedure comprises three cables in and four cables out. They also feature automatic phase sequence detection; accept supply voltages of 230VAC to 1,200VAC, 50/60 Hz; and range from 20A to 20,000A DC.


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Disconnect switches

The MotorQuick disconnect switches are designed to enable faster installation and replacement of motors. Combining the plug-and-play technology of the company’s Linkosity power system and the versatility of its Circuit-Lock motor disconnect switches, these disconnect switches can reduce motor change-out time by more than 65%, according to the company. By pre-wiring a Linkosity inlet to the junction box of a spare motor, they allow the majority of the change-out work to be done when convenient, not critical.


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Fluorescent lamps sans electricity

The Shat-R-Glow safety-coated fluorescent lamps are designed to be a portable source of light. They can be removed from their fixtures and, even if the lamp is broken, will continue to shine while the protective coating contains most glass and vapors. Intended for use in conjunction with existing emergency lighting systems and building escape systems, they will continue to emit light even if backup sources of power are lost, and will stay lit for hours without a power source.


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PQ recorder

The 1760 3-phase power quality recorder is designed to comply with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard. This PQ recorder allows the user to customize thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections. It has a 2 GB internal compact flash memory and features 10 MHz, 6,000Vpk waveform capture. It analyzes a range of parameters including: rms values; flicker; voltage dips; voltage swells; voltage unbalance; current and voltage harmonics to the 50th order; interharmonics; THD; mains signaling; reactive power; transients; and power factor.


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