October 2004 Products of the Week

October 2004 Products of the Week

Hands-free wire lubrication system

Available in five packages, the SoaperMonkey hands-free system deposits lubrication directly onto all types of wire pulls, including vertical up, vertical down, and horizontal. A three-speed pump motor powers the system and allows for the proper amount of lubrication to be applied based on conduit size and pulling speed. The system fits any size of threaded or non-threaded conduit and comes with a one- or five-gallon pump that works with all brands of lubricant, except those with silicone balls. It also features a 12VDC battery, 12VDC charger, and carrying case.

Soaper Monkey

For more information, visit www.soapermonkey.com.

Fish tape extender

With a side-entry lock design, the Another 90 (A90) attaches to the end of fish tape and rolls when it comes in contact with inner pipe wall, eliminating almost all of the resistance encountered in the bend or radius of a pipe. It’s constructed of Derlin and Teflon, and it’s available with two roller sizes that cover 0.75-in. to 4-in. pipes. Both sizes can be attached to a 0.125-in. fish tape.

Fish Tape Another 90

For more information, visit www.fishtapeanother90.com.

Multi-function scanner

The MultiScanner OneStep can perform four different functions. It can find the center and edges of wood or metal studs and joists as deep as 0.75 in.; trace hot wires behind walls, floor, and ceilings; find metal pipes, nails, rebar, electrical boxes, and exhaust vents; and detect hot unshielded AC wiring. It features a large, backlit LCD, a beam of light that shines over the center of the target, and an audio signal to indicate the target.


For more information, visit www.zircon.com.

Safety tester

Designed for electrical contractors, field service engineers, and domestic appliance installers, the handheld PrimeTest 200 combines safety-testing capabilities for in-service testing along with installation and digital multimeter test functions. The unit can perform electrical installation tests, an earth loop impedance test, an RDC test, and socket polarity tests, and it’s battery-powered for most tests and powered conventionally for all other tests. It’s equipped with a rotary switch for test selection, a push control for test initiation, a backlit analogue and digital display, rubber bumpers, and display lock. The unit comes with a lead set, IEC lead, instructional manual, and carrying case with shoulder strap.

Clare Instruments

For more information, visit www.clareinstruments.com.

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