October 2005 Products of the Week

October 2005 Products of the Week

Waterproof gloves

Winter Pro 475 gloves have a microporous liner that is 100% waterproof yet allows moisture from sweaty hands to escape. The gloves are also designed to resist strong winds. The material used on the palms allows a secure grip when handling wet materials, and the synthetic leather stays flexible even after exposure to wet conditions. Available in sizes from medium to extra-extra-large, these gloves are designed to be form fitting and flexible, with high-stretch neoprene across the knuckles and stretch nylon along the side of each finger.


For more information, visit www.gorgonz.com.

Wire protector

The wire retrieval and protection system (W.R.A.P.S.) for rough-in construction is designed for the low voltage industry, to allow simple recovery of wire from plaster rings and protect wires and connectors inside the walls from being damaged by a drywall cutting tool or from being crushed between the stud and drywall. The protection device also keeps plaster rings clean from mud, paint, and debris. This allows connectors to be installed and wires to be tested at the rough-in stage.

MTM Industries

For more information, visit www.lvwraps.com.

Vacancy sensors

CW and CN vacancy sensors automatically turn the lights off when a room is vacant. The sensors are designed to save energy and comply with California’s Title 24 2005 energy code for all residential uses, which became effective October 1, 2005. These sensors can replace any standard wall switch and use passive infrared technology to detect occupancy. The sensors require the user to turn lights on manually, but will optionally turn the lights off automatically following a predetermined time delay once the user exits the room.

Watt Stopper/Legrand

For more information, visit www.wattstopper.com.

Electricity Monitor

The WebMeter is designed to monitor electricity usage levels and provide energy-saving solutions. The device reads the KYZ pulse on most electric utility meters, and by conducting a pulse count and comparing it to the prior pulse count for the peak, it can predict if the current rate of electric usage is going to set a new peak. It will then set off an alarm or activate a customer specific list of energy saving measures. The device readings can also be checked remotely through the Internet.

Automation Engineering (AEC)

For more information, visit www.TeamAEC.com.

Cold-Shrink Branch Splice

The QS-2001B is a cold-shrink branch splice designed to more easily make a wye/branch splice configuration on electrical power cables rated up to 15kV. This silicone rubber splice is applied by unwrapping and pulling a perforated core that supports the tub, so there is no need to use torches or force. The splice accepts conductor sizes from #2 AWG through 500kcmil and accommodates main feeder cable runs and taps of 350kcmil to 500kcmil. It features a set screw connector and an adapter to control the stress and seals between the cables.


For more information, visit www.3m.com.

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