Portable Measurement Equipment

Portable Measurement Equipment

67. Agilent Technologies Inc.: InfiniiVision X-series Oscilloscopes

Agilent Technologies’ InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes have redefined the oscilloscope market with breakthrough innovations in scope design. The InfiniiVision 2000 and 3000 X-Series oscilloscopes offer 26 models ranging from 70 MHz to 500 MHz bandwidth, and combine outstanding analog performance, digital channels, hardware-accelerated protocol analysis, and waveform generation in a low-cost package. The InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes first and foremost, provide superior oscilloscope performance. The fast update rate of up to 1,000,000 waveforms per second, the fastest in this class, ensures users see the most signal detail available. Sophisticated multi-level triggers make it possible to isolate elusive events like runts, glitches, and rise time or setup/hold violations. A wealth of analysis tools -the most analysis options in this class- help turn data to insight. And finally, the integrated digital channels and hardware-accelerated protocol analysis allow engineers to see into other domains without compromising the performance of the scope. The introduction of the industry-exclusive WaveGen option (built-in 20 MHz function generator in the 2000 X-Series and function generator plus arbitrary waveform generation in the 3000 X-Series), in these scopes enables the development of a completely new testing methodology. The integrated function and arbitrary waveform generator allows users to capture data packets from a design, turn that acquisition into an arb stimulus, and add noise, glitches or change the frequency and amplitude; all within a single instrument. This saves both money and bench space by providing a wide range of functionality in a single instrument, and is beneficial for users in a variety of fields. Professors no longer need target boards to teach students the fundamentals of measurement. Manufacturers can train their technicians with real-world failure signals. And this functionality opens the door for a new class of single-box stimulus-response measurements, like the power applications power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) measurement. A key element of the innovation in the InfiniiVision X-Series is the ability to deliver all of this functionality at a price point on par with traditional economy oscilloscopes. The InfiniiVision X-Series scopes can offer such low entry prices ($1,300 and $2,800 respectively), because they are designed to allow users to buy only the capability they need, while retaining the ability to add functionality later. Bandwidth, digital channels, waveform generation, memory, connectivity modules, and over a dozen software applications can be added at any point after purchase. In addition, the X-Series oscilloscopes are the first to offer a 2-year calibration cycle as a standard feature. This can halve the cost of long-term ownership -- an expense that is often overlooked when purchasing equipment.

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68. Agilent Technologies: U1230 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters

Agilent U1230 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters are designed to help users work better in electrical and industrial work settings. The series is the first to combine three convenient features in one handheld DMM: built-in LED flashlight, flashing backlight alert and non-contact AC voltage detection. The LED flashlight allows electricians to single-handedly illuminate their test area while making measurements in dark environments. Continuity detection in noisy and dark places is now made easy with the series’ unique combination of audible beeper alert and flashing backlight display. The Vsense feature in the U1233A enables users to perform non-contact AC voltage detection, a safer way to identify live wires in dangerous working conditions. The low impedance mode increases user’s confidence in obtaining an accurate measurement on circuits that may contain stray voltages. Last but not least, the U1230 Series’ ergonomic and compact shape fits perfectly into a user’s hand.
U1231A: $99
U1232A: $135
U1233A: $165
U1230 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters Data Sheet

70. Agilent Technologies: U1273A Handheld Digital Multimeter

Engineered with an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display, the U1273A ensures crystal clear viewing's under all lighting conditions. The OLED technology offers high contrast ratio of 2000:1 versus 15:1* and wider viewing angles up to 170 degrees versus 140 degrees* eliminating the need of a separate backlight. This highly contrasted and large numerical display mode gives users the confidence that they are getting the right readings at the first glance without the need to make repeated measurements. Certified with IP 54 and packed in a water and dust resistant casing, the U1273A provides a wealth of features such as ZLOW, Smart Ohm and Low Pass Filter (LPF) that help the user to work more efficiently. ZLOW is a practical function that takes into consideration of stray voltages for accurate measurements, hence eliminating the need of an additional low impedance multimeter. The U1273A also helps users to reduce troubleshooting time and reduce downtime with a LPF feature. This feature eliminates unwanted high frequency noise signals and components generated by the variable-frequency drive (VFD). Oftentimes, users working in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing plant are also exposed to leakage current that may be found flowing through common ground conductor to earth ground which causes inaccurate ground continuity measurement. The Smart Ohm feature in U1273A minimizes false readings by allowing users to read leakage current. *Compared to a normal LCD display MRSP: U1273A: $395. U1273A Handheld Digital Multimeter Data Sheet

71. Fluke: 430 Series II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers

The Fluke 430 Series II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer are the first tools to use a patented algorithm to measure energy waste and quantify its cost. The 430 Series II helps facilities reduce electrical power consumption and improve the performance and lifespan of electro-mechanical equipment by providing the ROI justification to mitigate power quality distortion. Previously, only experts could calculate how much energy was being wasted due to power quality issues; utilities could calculate the cost but the required measurement process was beyond the reach of average electricians. With the new, patented Unified Power function of the 430 Series II, electricians, utility technicians, electrical engineers, field service technicians, and energy consultants can automatically determine how much power is being wasted and calculate exactly what the extra consumption costs with a single handheld tool. In particular, the 430 Series II power quality analyzers allow facilities to assess the impact of new energy-efficient, electronically-driven systems from lighting to motor controls to HVAC. While these new models consume less energy as individual installations, they increase the level of power quality disturbance in the overall electrical system, increasing waste energy due to harmonics and reducing the total potential energy savings. The Fluke 430 Series II calculates the monetary cost of that waste energy. MSRP: $5,555.00. 430 Series II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers Product Information

72. Gossen Metrawatt c/o Dranetz: Profitest PV

The PROFiTEST PV allows for the measurement of characteristic I-V curves, as well as individual photovoltaic modules and strings.
  • Measurement off characteristic I-V curves at PV modules and strings up to 1000 V DC, 20 A DC and 20 kW
  • Acquired characteristic I-V curve is highly accurate thanks to steady measurement at the capacitive load
  • Measurement of short-circuit current Isc, open circuit voltage Voc, instantaneous peak power of a solar cell Pmax, series resistance Rs and internal parallel resistance Rp
  • Automatic conversion of momentary measured values to STC

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73. Megger: MOM2 Micro-Ohmmeter

The MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter is a revolutionary hand-held instrument for condition assessment of high current joints and contacts. The MOM2 is used to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, bus bars, connections and other links conducting high currents. Low weight, ease of use and versatility has been key issues during product development. List price is $6300.
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74. Porter-Cable: 18V Infrared Thermomenter

The PORTER-CABLE 18 Volt Infrared Thermometer (PCC581B) is a groundbreaking power tool that is compatible with Lithium Ion or NiCd batters. The IR thermometer incorporates an innovative temperature indicator beam specifically designed to provide a quick and easy indication of a temperature change. The unit is available for a suggested retail price of $59.97 and sells as a bare tool, meaning the battery and charger are sold separately.

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