Power Conditioning & Backup Power Equipment

Power Conditioning & Backup Power Equipment

75. Eaton: 9E UPS

The Eaton 9E uninterruptible power system (UPS) is a highly-efficient backup power device, delivering affordable facility and industrial environment power management in a small footprint. The Eaton 9E delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost. The 9E’s sleek, compact tower configuration delivers superior power protection for expanding loads in space-constrained facilities while operating at up to 98% efficiency, making it the most efficient UPS in its class. The 9E is the first UPS in its class to offer internal batteries up to 60 kVA, which saves significant floor space when compared to external battery cabinets. Further addressing growing energy management and efficiency concerns, the 9E’s physical footprint is up to 35 percent smaller than competing models, which allows better space utilization for revenue-producing equipment and materials, in turn, saving costs to build, protect, insure, heat and cool a data center. The unit further curtails total cost of ownership by minimizing energy, space, installation and maintenance costs, offering a potential lifetime savings of more than $85,000. The 9E comes complete with Eaton’s complimentary Intelligent Power Manager supervisory software, which allows quick and easy management and monitoring of multiple power devices across a network from any personal computer with an internet browser. Intelligent Power Manager is the first power management software to integrate with VMware’s vCenter, enabling users to easily manage power in a virtualized environment through the vCenter dashboard. The 9E also boasts a range of seamlessly integrated accessories to maximize runtime options, meet unique location requirements and allow for planning expansion. The 9E starts at $16,398 and is accompanied by best-in-class service and one year parts and labor warranty with startup. 9E UPS Product Information

76. Eaton Corp.: 5PX UPS

The Eaton 5PX UPS is an integrated power protection and power management solution for corporate and industrial networks as well as small-to-medium sized data centers. The 5PX is the only power backup system that not only protects connected equipment during a power outage, but meters energy consumption of individual devices at the outlet segment level in kilo-watt hours. Through the 5PX’s intuitive LCD display and Eaton’s seamlessly integrated Intelligent Power Management software, the UPS reports power consumption for the whole unit, as well as the primary outlet groups. This provides engineers, IT, facility and data center managers a deeper understanding of the power draw of individual devices connected to the UPS and gives them the ability to better manage electrical loads, consumption and energy footprint. Moreover, the 5PX, with an efficiency rating of up to 99%, provides up to 28% more wattage then typical UPSs, allowing users to attach more equipment, providing an attractive ROI. The 5PX’s comprehensive functionality including load segment control, power metering, more wattage and high efficiency gives managers a very comprehensive, energy-efficient and affordable solution to the damaging and costly effects of power problems. With the ongoing quest by organizations to decrease energy and cooling costs, Eaton’s innovative engineering has succeeded in developing the highest efficiency design that significantly reduces heat (reducing expensive cooling) while delivering more wattage in less space to protect more equipment and leave additional room to expand IT systems. Each 5PX unit, including the batteries, is backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty. Additionally, the unit features Eaton’s Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology that increases battery service life by up to 50%. The 5PX 1000RT models start at $657. This model offers 120V, has a 1000VA rating and weighs 62lbs.

Important Links:
5PX Product Information
Interact with the 5PX Unit
5PX LCD User Interface Demo

77. Philips Emergency Lighting: Emergency LED Driver

The Philips Bodine BSL17C-C2 from Philips Emergency lighting is the only Class 2*, flexible output voltage emergency LED driver available of which we are aware. It supports a lighting load up to 7.0 W at a rated current of 270 mA maximum for a minimum of 90 minutes and is designed for an output voltage range of 30 to 50 VDC. The unit is ideal for LED downlight applications and is compatible with the Philips Fortimo DLM (downlight module) and SLM (spotlight module). In fact, it is the only emergency driver compatible with the DLM and SLM. The BSL17C-C2 is a conduit model. A non-conduit version, BSL17-C2, is also available. The BSL17C-C2/BSL17-C2 is UL Classified for use with specific Fortimo DLM and SLM units. This designation means that BSL17C-C2/BSL17-C2 can be installed in the factory without the need for further UL testing in Fortimo fixtures for which an emergency option has been filed with UL or field installed in approved fixtures. It is UL Component Recognized in all other instances. BSL17C-C2/BSL17-C2 was included in the 2011 Progress Report. *The NEC defines Class 2 circuits in Article 725 as, “The portion of the wiring system between the load side of a Class 2 power source and the connected equipment. Due to its power limitations, a Class 2 circuit considers safety from a fire initiation standpoint and provides acceptable protection from electric shock.”

Important Links:
Specification Sheet
Instruction Sheet

78. Staco Energy Products Co.: StacoVAR Mini Automatic PF Correction Bank

Utilizing the same components as the StacoVAR Automatic Power Factor Correction bank, the StacoVAR mini allows small industrial facilities and commercial operations, with high compressor loads, to install up to 300 kvar where space is premium. Its microprocessor based controller maintains the desired power factor to eliminate penalties charged by the utility. StacoVAR Mini Automatic PF Correction Bank Product Information

79. VYCON: Vycon Hybrid VDC XEB

VYCON’s VDC XEB is the industry’s first environmentally friendly energy storage system to combine flywheel technology with batteries in one patent pending integrated system. Now with the combination of batteries, users in corporate and industrial environments who need more backup time can utilize the reliability and green aspects of the flywheel system with minutes of extra runtime from the batteries. The VDC XEB is the first line of defense against power disturbances – saving the batteries for prolonged power outages. By absorbing the power glitches, the VDC XEB can significantly increase battery life by handling over 98% of the discharges that would normally have shortened the battery’s useful life. Providing up to 300 kilowatts (kW) of power, VYCON’s Hybrid VDC XEB is the perfect solution for protecting power dependent applications such as industrial control systems and other mission-critical operations that may require several minutes of backup power. Upon a prolonged power outage, the VDC XEB will gracefully transfer to onsite generators. The VDC XEB’s ability to offer extended runtime gives users further peace of mind for applications including those with automatic transfer switch (ATS) time delays and/or synchronization time requirements for multiple generators. Additionally, for users of the VDC XEB requiring higher power, up to four VDC XEB systems can be paralleled for longer autonomy and/or redundancy.
The average price is $75,000.

Important Links:
Vycon Hybrid VDC XEB Product Information
Vycon Hybrid VDC XEB Product Brochure

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