Power Distribution Equipment

Power Distribution Equipment

80. Cooper Power Systems: Cleer 600A Load Break Connector

Cleer 600A Load Break Connector System - the only 600A loadbreak technology in the industry - dramatically reduces outage durations and achieves visible break and visible ground without having to de-energize or move heavy 600A cables. Cuts labor by 50% over bolted terminations during maintenance and repair operations. Cleer 600A Load Break Connector Product Information

81. Nextek Power Systems: DC Power Server Module

The industry unique 1600-C2-24V ALT Power Server represents a breakthrough in clean, ultra-efficient, and less expensive power solution for facilities that want to go ‘green’ with DC solar power and remain connected to the AC grid for backup. Our patented technology will automatically use solar power first, then switch to AC power when needed, and always output consistent and clean 24V DC power. Now all the DC devices in the building such as lighting systems can be directly coupled to the solar panel array, avoiding traditional solar inverters. The advantage of this technology is:
  • Energy savings can range from 10-42%
  • Easy conversion of AC lighting fixtures to DC-powered lighting
  • Safe, low voltage (24V), Class 2 wiring
  • Easy conversion of AC grid power to DC power
  • Combines all available DC sources such as solar, micro turbines and fuel cells
  • Continuity of DC power supply even on cloudy days and evenings

The 1600-C2-24V ALT is UL approved and EMerge Alliance registered (Note: EMerge Alliance is a non-profit DC standards organization. See http://www.emergealliance.org for more information. ) Now, with a co-marketing agreement with Armstrong Worldwide ceilings, the Power Server 1600-C2-24V ALT becomes even more powerful as the exclusive power supply to Armstrong’s new DC FlexZone plug-and-play ceiling system. With Armstrong’s ‘electrified’ 24V ceiling grid powered by the Nextek Power Server, entire ceiling light fixtures can be moved as easily as changing a light bulb creating almost infinite lighting reconfiguration possibilities. Clients can save tens of thousands of dollars on ceiling reconfiguration costs. Retailers, restaurants, offices of virtually any kind can now enjoy a plug-and-play system to suit their lighting needs. For more information on DC FlexZone please see the PDF at:

Important Links:
DC Power Server Module Product Specs
DC Power Server Module Product Information

82. Snake Tray: Snake Bus Power Distribution Solution

Snake Tray is pleased to announce that Snake Bus, the pre-wired power distribution system for under access floors is now available with a current monitoring system to give facility managers real time data on current loads in either a digital or a color bar display. This current transformer technology allows for circuit telemetry without directly connecting to the feeder circuit. Snake Bus’ preconfigured system delivers 50 Amps, 3 Phase, 208 Volts providing over 15 Kilowatts of power in one easy-to-install track. Installations and retrofits are easily done with the tap offs that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track. Snake Bus bus bar technology is energy efficient and can be easily reused for changes and moves in the electrical plan. Snake Bus Power Distribution Solution Product Information
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