Power Distribution Equipment (Switches & Switchgear)

Power Distribution Equipment (Switches & Switchgear)

90. GE: EverGold Solar Disconnect

GE EverGold solar duty disconnects provide the flexibility needed to wire Photovoltaic (PV) systems in the most efficient means possible. Now available in four-pole as well as single-pole construction, they are suitable for commercial negative-ground PV systems.
EverGold Solar Disconnect Product Information
GE EverGold Solar Products

91. Siemens Industry, Inc.: Smart-Gear Type WL Low Voltage Switchgear

Metal-enclosed low voltage switchgear with integrated distributed control (DCS) that provides out-of-the-box remote monitoring, configuration and control of all intelligent devices including breakers, meters and relays. Pre-configured and pre-programmed low voltage switchgear that integrally supports out-of-the-box remote monitoring, configuration and control of embedded intelligent devices (breakers, meters, relays, etc) utilizing remotely mounted HMI as a standard feature. Siemens Smart-Gear allows personnel to be outside of the arc flash hazard boundary when performing normal breaker operations (open/close, racking and arc flash maintenance mode activation). Integrated usage-based preventative and predictive maintenance information is also available including breaker contact wear, bus temperature, cable temperature and trip/close coil integrity. Smart-Gear Type WL Low Voltage Switchgear Product Information
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