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Power quality package The Power Recorder Ready Pack is a high-performance power quality package that enables users to perform professional power quality studies. The package includes a power recorder, laptop computer, and Report Writer software. It's designed for power quality engineers who need to monitor and study voltage, current, ground current, imbalance, frequency, power quality (sags, swells,

Power quality package

The Power Recorder Ready Pack is a high-performance power quality package that enables users to perform professional power quality studies. The package includes a power recorder, laptop computer, and Report Writer software. It's designed for power quality engineers who need to monitor and study voltage, current, ground current, imbalance, frequency, power quality (sags, swells, transients), power consumption, demand, power factor, reactive power, harmonics, and flicker.
Fluke Power Quality
Circle 150

Harmonic mitigating transformers

The Trydent line of entry-level harmonics-accommodating transformers have a very low zero-sequence impedance and zero-sequence reactance. The unit prevents harmonic heat from escaping upstream to the transformer, thus canceling damaging harmonic currents in the secondary winding. They're also UL and Energy Star listed and labeled.
Harmonics Limited
Circle 151

Power quality meter

The PowerPad is a handheld 3-phase power and power quality meter with a large, graphical color display. Measurements are displayed numerically and graphically with colored waveforms. The meter is menu-driven with button-operated pop-up functions. All necessary measurements are available for a comprehensive power system check or analysis to 830Vrms; 6,500Arms with a complete family of clamp-on and flexible probes. It has a logging, transient capture, and event capture function, as well as an optical RS-232 port, and advanced software.
AEMC Instruments
Circle 152

Power quality meter

The Nexus 1252 power quality meter provides EN50160 flicker and compliance monitoring, interharmonic analysis, and customized Modbus mappings. Users can conduct a comprehensive power quality analysis by viewing interharmonics. Incorporating DNP 3.0 protocol, the 1252 complies with all DNP Level 1 and 2 certification requirements.
Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Circle 153

Power factor correction products

The PFC product line is based on a simplified control method, which enables the correction of total harmonic distortion without sensing the input line voltage. An APFC front end can be designed by adding a few components. The integrated fast overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection provide high reliability under rugged operating conditions.
Green Power Technologies.
Circle 154


Internal Surgelogic TVSS devices are available for both styles of I-Line II bus-way — feeder and plug-in — and are designed for integration with the company's equipment. While busway is typically more versatile and easier to install than cable or conduit, I-Line II busway provides several advantages like quick and simple installation, lower energy costs through lower voltage drop, versatile construction that allows the user to reconfigure and expand the product, and space savings due to compact construction.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 155

Power management software

The LanSafe Version 5 incorporates features to help customers better manage and measure return-on-investment of their UPS equipment. The power management software continuously monitors UPS systems and automatically notifies users locally and remotely of any events. During an extended power failure in which battery runtime is depleted, the program saves work-in-progress data, closes applications, and performs a user-defined shutdown sequence.
Powerware Corp.
Circle 156


The 9320 UPS is available in sizes ranging from 10kVA to 60kVA. It features distributed parallel architecture (DPA) for redundancy and increased capacity. In a DPA system, each module operates as an independent unit and includes UPS logic and parallel intelligence, reducing points-of-failure. It can be paralleled with as many as three modules, offering as much as n+2 redundancy. Featuring high power density and a small footprint, it's designed for increasingly crowded data centers, and its double-conversion online technology provides a high level of reliability for 24/7 uptime requirements.
Invensys Powerware
Circle 157

Fire alarm control panels

The MS-9200, MS-9600, and MS-9200UD are addressable fire alarm control panels that feature advanced auto-programming capabilities, reducing installation time and overall cost. Manufactured with surface-mount technology, the panels feature fire protection, including automatic detector test capability, drift compensation, and maintenance alert. The MS-9200 is designed for smaller buildings and supports as many as 198 addressable devices in one loop. The MS-9600 has the capability of supporting as many as 636 addressable devices on both loops. The MS-9200UD features a built-in communicator, remote site upload/download capability, and selectable strobe synchronization.
Fire-Lite Alarms
Circle 000 (Addressable Family)

Dimming cabinets

The Architectural Grade a-2000-24 modular dimming cabinets provide reliability of high-end theatrical dimming systems for facility managers. The cabinets have as many as 24 dimmer channels, rated at 2,400W per channel and are stackable to provide as many as 48 dinners with a single power feed. They feature dual SCR dimming circuitry and are designed with a large wiring space for easy installation. The microprocessor-based control circuitry is compatible with a variety of non-fluorescent and fluorescent lighting loads, including electronic fluorescent dimming ballasts designed for 0VDC to 10VDC control signals.
Circle 000 (a-200024 with Relay Cabinet)

Plug and play series

The X-Com 769 series family of products is recognized at 20A, 600V, and is available for use in all industrial environments. The series provides “X” number of connection combinations, which use terminal blocks and plugs that are designed to create a self-contained plug-in connection system with unlimited variations. It features base receptacle terminal blocks with two connections for either two plugs or one plug/one cage clamp and 2-way jumping. The cage clamp technology provides vibration proof, and low resistance connections. Receptacle blocks for fuse plugs and electronic component modules are available, offering greater modularity and space savings.
Circle 200

Energy system

The ENI 155 is a combined heat and power onsite energy system rated at 156kW. It can reduce energy costs while increasing energy independence and reliability for commercial and industrial customers. Featuring a pre-engineered packaged design for either indoor or outdoor installations, it reduces engineering, site design, and installation costs. It is designed for base load and waste heat utilization applications and can support peak and full load requirements.
DTE Energy Technologies
Circle 201

Fuse holder blocks

These fuse holder style blocks are DIN rail mountable and take up as much as 15% less space than traditional holders. The finger safe design with recessed screws and a fuse extraction door afford the user IP-20 grade protection and qualify as finger safe under IEC standards. The fuse holders are made with a permanently attached, pivoting fuse door, which simplifies and speeds fuse extraction and change outs. The extraction door is lockable to meet OSHA requirements and prevents personnel from accidentally energizing equipment that is off-line for repairs or maintenance.
Wieland Electric, Inc.
Circle 202


The Sandy Hook GFCI is UL and CSA certified and is designed for the home, commercial, building trades, industrial, marine, and governmental markets. It offers reliability for life saving against electrocution when using electrical tools and portable lighting. It also protects users against ground faults and provides no power output upon failure.
Power Electronic Systems, Inc.
Circle 203

Multimeter package

This multimeter package comprises the 38XR — a 10,000-count, full-function digital multimeter — companion Microsoft Windows-based data logging software, and PC interface cabling. The 38-SW software logs, displays, and stores data from all 38XR measurement functions for later retrieval or further analysis. It can also export data for advanced analysis, charting, and reporting in Microsoft Excel. The 38XR DMM has basic and specialty measurements that can be logged including temperature, frequency, 4mA to 20mA control loop percent, and duty cycle. True rms current draw and voltage supply can also be logged for an accurate, basic snapshot of unattended equipment operation.
Wavetek Meterman Test Tools
Circle 204

Control panel

The MPC-1500 Plus fire alarm control panel includes an UL-approved enhanced loop driver circuit that permits reliable operation with existing installed wire. The enhanced circuit is tolerant of straight-laid non-twisted, non-shielded wire in retrofit applications. The panel features analog/addressable detection, programming, and memory capability. An 80-character LCD display provides specific indications for addressable devices and conventional expansion zones while LEDs indicate general panel status.
Circle 205

Conduit guide

The Conduit Application and Selection Guide is designed to assist engineers and end-users in selecting products for liquidtight flexible electrical conduit applications. This reference tool offers application information on the company's flexible electrical conduit types, including EMI/RFI, high/low temperature, and halogen-free products. It also offers a temperature guide that displays each conduit's temperature limits.
Electri-Flex Co.
Circle 206

Disconnect enclosures

The DN4X series of flange- mounted, stainless steel disconnect enclosures protects against dust, water, and oil. Available in nine sizes that range from 24 in. × 21 in. × 8 in. to as large as 60 in. × 37 in. × 12 in., they're designed for indoor and outdoor areas where highly-corrosive atmospheres are present.
Circle 207

Clamp-on tester

The 380975 clamp-on tester provides various functions and capabilities that are designed for power demand and HVAC applications. The tester measures true power, apparent power, and phase angle with lead/lag indicator. Its true rms capability provides accurate current and voltage measurements. Built-in features include auto detect for AC/DC voltage measurements, max/min recording with elapsed time indication, CAT III to 600V safety rating, diode test, and a jaw opening of 1.6 in.
Extech Instruments Corp.
Circle 208

Lighting fixture

The FV series of non-metallic fluorescent fixtures is designed to provide bright lighting, easy maintenance, and a long service life in hazardous and corrosive locations. The fixtures combine fiberglass-reinforced polyester housing with an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens to ensure maximum protection against dirt, water, and moisture. They're available in wattages ranging from 32W to 60W, and in 2-, 3-, or 4-lamp designs.
Circle 209

VRLA battery

The 12V165F battery is a front terminal valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery that offers an increased capacity to 165 Ah, providing more power in the same standard footprint as the previous model. The unit's compact monobloc design and standard footprint make the product suitable for 23 in.- racks and enable increased energy density. The use of gas recombustion technology reduces storage requirements and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for regular watering intervals. It also produces a minimal level of gas in the battery, so it can be safely installed in cabinets or on stands, in offices or near main equipment.
EnerSys Inc.
Circle 210

Analysis software

The ETAP 4.7.4 Arc Flash Analysis module uses the IEEE 1584 method to estimate the arc flash incident energy under a 3-phase short circuit fault and determines the hazard distance and incident energy to which workers could be exposed. The module is designed for PC-based applications. The module is available for both ANSI and IEC short circuit methods.
Operation Technology, Inc.
Circle 211

Heat-shrink transitions

Raychem QFT configurable heat-shrink transitions form a watertight seal around cable splices. The transitions protect against rough mechanical conditions and corrosion while maintaining electrical insulation properties. They're made from black polyolefin and resist exposure to fluids like water, engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gasoline, and cleaning fluids.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 250

Label printing system

The Spirit 2100 portable printing system creates durable, smudge resistant, thermal transfer printing labels. A roll of labels prints continuously at 1.5 in. per sec, and the labels are die cut, eliminating the need to cut individual labels to separate them. Users can configure different text sizes, graphics, bar codes, and serial numbers with the LCD screen. Label materials include self-laminating vinyl for wire and cable, white and metalized polyester for component marking, and tamper evident materials for calibration and security labeling.
Hellermann Tyton
Circle 251

Grounding connector

The Eritech Hammerlock grounding connector is designed to connect the grounding conductor to the ground rod. Machined from electrolytic copper, the connector provides a conductive connection designed to withstand ground fault currents and lightning transients. Its rugged design ensures that the highest level of performance is maintained for many years after the connection has been buried in underground environments.
Circle 252

LED modules

StripLED connectable LED modules are designed for channel and reversechannel lettering, signs, displays, under-counter, and architectural applications. The modules contain four wide-angle SpiderLEDs, a 3-in. double-ended connector harness, and a pre-applied strip of double-sided foam tape for placement. They're available in green, red, yellow, blue, and white.
LEDtronics Inc.
Circle 253

Non-metallic electrical box

The UL Listed Smart Box is designed to accommodate all electrical devices. The electrical box is internally mounted using two screws that can be used for 25 gauge metal and wood stud framing. It can also be used in old and new work applications.
Smart Box, Inc.
Circle 254

Fluorescent ballast

The Eco-10 IR is a fluorescent ballast with a built-in infrared dimmer. The ballast offers personal control of overhead lighting through the use of a handheld IR transmitter and can be set to various levels to reduce eyestrain, increase comfort, and improve employee productivity. It can be installed like a standard non-dimming ballasts or like a 3-wire dimming ballast and used with a central control system.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
Circle 255

Gang boxes

These single- and two-gang weatherproof boxes are manufactured from die cast aluminum and furnished with closure plugs, ground screws, and mounting lugs. Designed for both interior and exterior applications, these boxes fit weatherproof covers in standard trade sizes. Electricians can use them as device boxes for switches, receptacles, and GFCIs, or as junction boxes. They're UL Listed and approved for wet and damp locations when properly installed.
Circle 256

Cable tray

The FieldMate wire basket cable tray is an open-basket tray that is easy to handle and install. The cable tray manages unexpected detours and corners, and follows dips and rises. It's shipped in 10-ft lengths that are as wide as 24 in. with depths of 2 in., 3 in., and 4 in. Hanging options include light duty clips, trapeze/center rod hangers, C's, L's, wall brackets, and floor supports.
Circle 257

Voltage tester

The model 61-063 non-contact voltage tester allows electricians to locate breaks along live, insulated wires. They can also use the handheld tester to detect power prior to service in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The tester incorporates an ergonomic, over-molded cushioned grip that reduces the stress applied on the operator's hand during repeated usage. It detects the presence of voltage from 40V to 600V and alerts the user via an audible signal that emits a loud tone and an LED indicator that illuminates brightly for accurate test results.
IDEAL Industries, Inc.
Circle 258

Ground fault receptacle

These ground-fault circuit interrupting duplex receptacles include 15A and 20A commercial and hospital grade devices that both meet and exceed the UL943 requirements. The receptacles include extra large 50J, 250V metal oxide varistors for enhanced surge immunity, back and side wire capability, and tri-drive screws. They also include line-load reversal indication, noise filtration circuitry to prevent false tripping from EMI or RFI, and blank face devices.
Bryant Electric
Circle 259

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