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Ratchet Equipped with four color-coded die grooves, the full-cycle Y1MR ratchet accommodates a range of No. 1 to No. 8 Cu lugs and splices, as well as related copper C-Tap connectors. A metal carrying case, with a range of Cu lugs and splices, is also available.FCI-BurndyCircle 200 Heat shrink tubing Raychem NT-MIL heat shrink tubing is made of modified elastomeric tubing that is flexible and resists


Equipped with four color-coded die grooves, the full-cycle Y1MR ratchet accommodates a range of No. 1 to No. 8 Cu lugs and splices, as well as related copper C-Tap connectors. A metal carrying case, with a range of Cu lugs and splices, is also available.
Circle 200

Heat shrink tubing

Raychem NT-MIL heat shrink tubing is made of modified elastomeric tubing that is flexible and resists abrasion. The tubing remains flexible without cracking at temperatures as low as 270°C and withstands temperatures as high as 200°C without dripping or flowing. It's available with inside diameters ranging from .125 in. to 4 in.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 201

Rotary disconnect switches

These enclosed rotary disconnect switches are UL, CUL, and CE labeled and are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. The switches are designed for in-sight disconnects for motor loads. They're offered in a 3-pole configuration with 20A to 100A ratings available. All are non-fusible and have non-metallic enclosures rated as both type 12 and 4X. The 30A to 100A hinged cover switches have a defeatable cover interlock to prevent the door from being opened when the switch is in the on position.
Circle 202

Labeling software

The Easy-Mark labeling software is designed for creating computer printable labels for a variety of electrical and network systems applications including wire/cable marking, patch panels, faceplates, control panels, terminal block identification, and circuit board labeling.
Circle 203

Control cable

The Olflex Tray II cable is designed for applications that require a cable to be connected from a cable tray to equipment on the manufacturing floor. The oil resistant, flexible control cable is tray rated and has UL type DP-1 approval for use under raised floors of computer rooms, in accordance with Art. 645.5(D)(5) of the Code. With a wide temperature range from 220°C to 90°C and a specially formulated oil resistant black PVC jacket, the cable is designed for use in all electrical equipment in a variety of environments.
Lapp USA
Circle 204

Terminal crimping tool

The EK210 Gator terminal and connector crimping tool is designed for electrical and terminal VDV connector installation in high production factory settings, panel shop assembly operations, and for installing BNC, CATV, and RJ type connectors on job sites. The battery-powered tool has a force of 1.5 tons and an automatic retraction at the completion of each crimp. It can complete about 150 crimps per battery charge and comes with two batteries.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 205

Replacement lighting

The R20 LED reflector lamps are direct incandescent replacement bulbs available in five light emitting angles of 15°, 25°, 30°, 33°, and 40°. Depending on the model, the bulbs have between 50 and 60 LEDS, and power draws of 1.7W to 2.5W. They're available in green, white, blue, yellow, red, and amber. Infrared lamps are offered in wavelengths of 850nm, 880nm, and 940nm. With an average life span of more than 100,000 hr, the lamps are designed for decorative and night task lighting applications, including large message panels, billboards, scoreboards, time and temperature signs, theme and amusement parks, and ornamental lighting.
Circle 206

Push-button stations

These Nelson-brand control stations with SCX factory-sealed contacts eliminate the need for labor-intensive poured conduit seals. UL recognized for use in Class I and II hazardous locations, such as gas refineries, chemical plants, and grain elevators, the controls allow as many as four push-buttons in a single gang enclosure. Rocker arm push-button stations come furnished with lockout arrangement for start and stop positions. Covers and enclosures are precision-machined from either copper-free aluminum or cast iron with a gray vinyl finish to fight corrosion.
Circle 207

Circuit breaker

Pluggable thermal circuit breakers are designed for this company's DIN rail-mount terminal blocks. The plug-in breakers protect power distribution systems, automation systems, and process control applications. They feature a push-button reset and are available in either switching or non-switching versions for protecting circuits up to 10A.
Circle 208

Pin-and-sleeve devices

These 20A and 30A pin-and-sleeve devices include plug, connector, inlet, receptacle, and mechanically interlocked configurations, as well as accessories like liquid-tight adapters, back boxes, and protective closure caps. The watertight devices combine with liquid-tight conduit to provide protection from water and moisture. Improved gaskets on the spring-loaded covers also provide protection against contaminants.
Leviton Manufacturing
Circle 209

Disturbance analyzer

The Analyst 3Q combines the functionality of a power quality disturbance monitor, energy measurement tool, and data logger in a single hand-held battery powered 3-phase instrument. Sampling at a rate of 10.2 kHz, the analyzer is a troubleshooting tool suited for identifying sub cycle disturbances and quantify power quality problems that affect the performance and efficiency of electrical plant equipment.
LEM Dranetz-BMI
Circle 210

Contact cleaner

Electra-X 2003 cleans oil, grease, dirt, and other foreign materials from precision mechanical and delicate electrical equipment and parts. The cleaner is nonflammable, nonconductive, and evaporates quickly without leaving a residue.
LPS Laboratories
Circle 211

Pre-insulated connectors

The Nimbus line of pre-insulated connectors offers 190 configurations, including single-sided or dual-sided, multi-tap connectors, as well as in-line or offset splicer-reducer connectors. Dual-rated for copper or aluminum conductors, the connectors are UL Listed and feature removable plugs for entry port closure.
Circle 212

Ethernet module

The NETA-01 Ethernet module connects drives to the Internet and works with drives from the same manufacturer to provide a fiber optic link, communicating via a standard Web browser. The module has an embedded server with software for user interface and data storage. As many as nine drives can be connected to the module. It's available as an option for new drives and as an upgrade for existing systems.
Circle 213


A line of the Gaseous Liquid Cooled generators are available in ratings from 30kW to 125kW. The generators operate on natural gas or LP gas, which can eliminate the need for costly on-site liquid fuel storage and replenishment. They're designed to provide standby power to industrial and commercial applications. Some of the features include a 12VDC electric start, emergency stopwatch, and weather protective and sound attenuated enclosures.
Baldor Electric
Circle 214

TVSS device

The 160MXT offers economical surge protection at the main service panel. The UL-Listed unit has an Ipeak of 160kA per phase and protects all modes. Each rugged 40mm MOV is protected from over-current thermal overload, and is monitored individually. The front panel shows protection status, and internal diagnostic LEDs pinpoint problem areas. Plug-in, pluck-out protection modules offer protection and quick repair without special tools. Each unit features filtering, an event counter with reset and automatic memory backup, and remote alarm relay contacts.
MCG Surge Protection
Circle 150

Online UPS

The SG series 5kVA UPS Plus is designed for users who operate computers and other sensitive equipment in environments where a 208/240V input voltage source isn't available. The system can be used in mobile or remote applications running off of generators where 120VAC is the only input voltage offered. It also features input power factor correction, a high-efficiency true regenerative online design, auto restart, a comprehensive front panel user interface, site wiring indicator, and built-in surge protection.
Falcon Electric
Circle 151

Rectifier system

The CDP4K series of rectifier/front end systems delivers 4,000W of output power and measures 5 in.×5 in.×14.1 in. The systems accept an input voltage range from 180VAC to 264VAC in single- or 3-phase. They can also deliver 8,000W with a N+1 configuration or 12,000W with the parallel configuration. An additional 5V/.5A standby output is standard. They feature hot-swap N+1 redundancy with single-wire current sharing with active power factor correction.
XpiQ, Inc.
Circle 152

Point-of-use switch

The Pow'rEver transfer switch model 08-120 provides redundant sources of 120V power to computer-based electronic equipment and eliminates single points of failure upstream of critical loads. Loss of one source is transparent to the load, and abnormal conditions can be remotely alarmed. The application of point-of-use switches in conjunction with a properly configured distribution system can increase critical system reliability up to .999999998 of availability or less than .1 sec of average system outage per year. It's UL Listed and under warranty for five years.
Quality Power Co.
Circle 153

Fiber cable holders

The Optical Fiber Bracket-Blind Hole (OFB-BH-6-19) holds as many as six 2-mm jacketed fiber cables for routing. The OFB-BH mounts into a .312 in. diameter hole in a .25 in. minimum thick panel. It mounts securely into a blind hole in wood, threaded metal, particle board, and rubber. It's manufactured of UL94 VO rated material.
Richco, Inc.
Circle 260

Data cable connector

The revos IT data cable feed-through connector is designed for quick installation of preassembled information technology cables into panels or control cabinets. Each connector consists of a hood and housing with double-locking levers that provide IP 65 protection. The connector is available in 2-, 3-, and 4-cable feed-through capacity in 10-, 16-, or 24-pole configurations. Housings are manufactured of die cast aluminum alloy. Oil resistant and anti-aging neoprene gaskets are supplied for strong seals. Each connector is temperature rated -40°C to 100°C. It has many applications, including automative production, control panel shops, process control, energy and power stations, conveyors and equipment, food processing plants, and metal and wood-working machinery.
Wieland Electric
Circle 261

Electronic ballast

The Centium ICN-2S28 electronic ballast is designed for the operation of 14W, 21W, 28W, or 35W fluorescent lamps. The ballast features IntelliVolt technology, which allows 120V to 277V operation at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz and helps ensure shipment of correct voltage ballasts and fixtures for applications. It also features a low-profile 1-in. tall enclosure and color-coded, poke-in connectors to minimize installation time while helping ensure wiring accuracy.
Advance Transformer
Circle 262

Universal pipe clamps

These Universal Pipe Clamps are equipped with a mechanical connector that connects ground conductors No. 6 through 250 MCM and have a pipe range of 8 in. to 12 in. The clamps can also be connected to ground conductors via exothermic connections and standard compression lugs. The dual UL-Listed clamps provide bi-directional grounding capabilities and are rated for direct burial.
Harger Lighting & Grounding
Circle 263

Corded drills

The D21000 series of corded 3/8-in. drills have a 6A motor that produces 2,500 rpm and 110 in./lb of torque. The series consists of three models, all of which feature heavy-duty chucks. A built-in 2-way level and belt hook are also included. The drills offer a glass-filled nylon housing and all ball-bearing construction.
Dewalt Tools
Circle 264

Cable installation tools

This new line of cable installation tools includes cutters, strippers, and crimpers. The cutters range from sizes capable of cutting small wire and coax, through aluminum and copper cable as thick as 2 AWG, to copper and aluminum cable as large as 250 mm. Available strippers handle wire as small as 30 AWG and as large as 10 AWG, coaxial cables with diameters as wide as .6 in., multi-conductor cables, and various Cat. 5 and Cat. 6 wires and cables. Crimpers range from insulated and non-insulated terminals to 4-, 6-, and 8-conductor modular plugs, such as RJ-11, RJ-12, and RJ-45 voice/data connectors.
RF Industries
Circle 265

Fan and fixture supports

The Strong “O” Bar old work fan boxes enable contractors to replace a fixture-rated box with one for fan support in locations where the ceiling joist isn't easily accessible. Rated for fans and fixtures as heavy as 50 lb, the boxes are available in 15-cu in. or 22.5-cu in. sizes. They meet the requirements of 422.18 in the 2002 NEC and are manufactured of rigid fiberglass reinforced materials for strength and security.
Allied Moulded Products
Circle 266

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