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Ethernet connectors The RJ-45 field-wireable Ethernet connectors are designed for use in manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants, and transportation hubs. The connector's circular, bayonet-style locking design meets all sealed connector industry specifications. The lock is molded into the plug and the bayonet-style latch enables mating and unmating as well as ensuring proper depth when mated.Molex,

Ethernet connectors

The RJ-45 field-wireable Ethernet connectors are designed for use in manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants, and transportation hubs. The connector's circular, bayonet-style locking design meets all sealed connector industry specifications. The lock is molded into the plug and the bayonet-style latch enables mating and unmating as well as ensuring proper depth when mated.
Molex, Inc.
Circle 200

Twist timers

C500 series spring wound interval timers are supplied with metal wallplates that show the different time period markings. Models are available with various intervals of 5 min to as many as 12 hr where the controlled device is turned off automatically after the time-out period. Select models are available with an additional manually activated hold feature for a maintained override on. The series requires no electricity to operate, and switch loads range from 24VAC to 277VAC.
Circle 201

Cabling system

This Cat. 6 cabling system is equipped with a connector body that features retention force technology. It can reinforce tine contact in connectors for improved channel performance, protect against damage caused by insertion of 4P and 6P plugs, and ensure consistent performance. Additional connector features include a universal A/B rear-termination field, QuickPort compatibility for increased accessibility and faster terminations, and 13 colors for color-coding and organization.
Leviton Manufacturing Co.
Circle 202

Recloser control

The SEL-651R recloser control combines loop scheme, single-phase trip, and harmonics metering capabilities in one recloser package. With 6V inputs in the base model, the device provides full loop scheme capability and can isolate faults to a single-line segment while restoring power via alternate sources to the unaffected portions of the system. There are three tripping modes of 3-phase trip/lockout, single-phase trip/3-phase lockout, and single-phase trip/lockout. It also monitors the second through the 15th harmonic and total harmonic distortion (THD) for each current and voltage input.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Circle 203

Power connectors

The Epic pin-and-sleeve connectors meet the requirements of IEC 309-2. The patented Ulysse range of interlocked switched socket outlets are pre-wired to save time and reduce costs. A double protection rating guarantees protection against violent jets of water and accidental immersion. North American devices are available in 20A, 30A, 60A, and 100A.
Lapp USA
Circle 204

Power meter

The Power Meter 800's easy-to-read display allows users to view all three phases and the neutral for current or voltage at one time. Combining data collection capabilities with firmware, the meter can automatically forecast power usage, giving customers greater control over their power management efforts. Users can access information like real-time trend plots, averages, and demand metering so power control, load curtailments, and load preservation programs can be developed to drive down energy costs.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 205

Bus bar contact

This 75A bus bar contact attaches directly to a copper bus and offers a quick disconnect design that minimizes the expense of system assembly, replacement, and repair. The contact further reduces assembly costs by facilitating the use of plug-in sub-systems and sub-system testing for field site service and repair. It's manufactured from solid copper and is silver plated. It's also threaded to provide simple attachment to a bus without the need for special tooling.
Anderson Power Products
Circle 206

Ground relay alarm

The GADP ground relay alarm is designed to detect, protect, and locate faults in resistance grounded electrical systems. The alarm offers alarm and pulsing capabilities in a compact size for easy integration into electrical switchgear. It monitors the line-to-ground voltage on each phase for changes in voltage. When a change is detected, the alarm provides a visible signal that identifies which phase is faulted.
IPC Resistors, Inc.
Circle 207

Fire alarm cable

The PyroCIC is a 2-hr fire rated fire alarm cable installed with steel screw couplings. It's designed to meet the survival requirements of fire alarm cable as outlined in the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70, Art. 760) and the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72). The shielded twisted-pair cable is designated Type FPL, NPLF, and CSA Type FAS. It has two twists per foot, is available nationally, and comes in 300-ft and 1,000-ft drums.
Tyco Thermal Controls
Circle 208

Support bracket

The Caddy MCS 100 bracket spaces MC/AC cable to eliminate bundling and NEC derating issues. The UL-Listed bracket isolates, supports, and secures cables while maintaining access and flexibility. It's made of mild steel and has a bright, durable electro-zinc finish. A locking tab prevents unwanted cable release while allowing access to the cables.
Circle 250

Cordless drill

The BST18Plus is an 18V cordless drill/driver that features a patented impulse action that facilitates driving and removal of screws with damaged heads. The Impuls technology enables the bit to find a point of resistance during an interval between impulses. Once this point is located, the screw can be driven or removed. The impulse action also helps prevent the bit from walking, eliminating the need to center punch, even when drilling steel or tile.
Metabo Corp.
Circle 251

Electronic ballast

The REB-232-SC and REB-4P32-SC ballasts will operate F32T8, F25T8, or F17T8 lamps, while meeting the EPA Energy Star efficacy requirements. The REB-232-SC ballast will operate one or two lamps, while the REB-4P32-SC will operate three or four lamps. Both electronic ballasts are designed to produce the lower EMI emissions required for an FCC Class B Consumer rating. The ballasts also offer flicker-free instant lamp starting and quiet operation. They carry a 2-yr warranty, UL approval, and CSA certification.
Advance Transformer Co.
Circle 252

Load center

The Murray Rock Solid load center features a main breaker that allows the load center to be inverted for bottom feed applications. The load center is also convertible from main lug to main breaker, providing field installation and flexibility. It features rigid steel basepans, bolt-on and straight-in wired main breakers, factory installed ground bars, oversized neutrals and ground lugs, and a 100% provision neutral bar.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 253

Combination devices

The TradeMaster decorator combination devices are available in 17 combinations, such as devices with two switches and a receptacle, and another with four single pole switches. The devices provide clear identification of circuitry on all back bodies for the various wires. Switches are identified with an A or B, hot terminals are black, neutrals are silver, and the grounds are green. The back bodies are also rounded to protect wires and contractors' hands from sharp edges.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 254


These indoor and outdoor general lighting products consist of indoor low bay and high bay fixtures, as well as outdoor quartz floodlights, wall pack lighting fixtures, and sports floodlights. Available in wattages ranging from 150W to 1,000W HID, the fixtures offer efficient, low-glare illumination designed for manufacturing, storage, and other indoor areas.
Circle 255

Cable hook

The BCH12 .75 cable hook is designed with a tab that can be bent multiple times without breaking. The hook is also designed for small runs of low voltage cables and for security and other A/V applications. It can support 16 4-pair UTP Cat. 5, Cat. 5e, and Cat. 6 cables.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 256

Cable tray

The Ladder Snake series of cable trays for ladder racks is designed to increase the cable-carrying capability of new or existing ladder racks. Users can clip the cable trays onto a new ladder rack to gain greater cable carrying capacity. The series also offers a smooth transition from one ladder rack to another by simply bending the cable tray by hand to create instant turns.
Snake Tray
Circle 257

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