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Clamp meters The Fluke 353 and Fluke 355 true-rms clamp meters measure up to 2,000A of DC and 1,400A of AC current and have a 600V CAT IV and 1,000 CAT III rating. In addition, the meters feature a mode for measuring inrush current. The Fluke 355 measures voltage to 1,000VDC and 600VAC and resistance to 400 k with a continuity beeper, allowing users to perform multiple tests with only one tool. Both

Clamp meters

The Fluke 353 and Fluke 355 true-rms clamp meters measure up to 2,000A of DC and 1,400A of AC current and have a 600V CAT IV and 1,000 CAT III rating. In addition, the meters feature a mode for measuring inrush current. The Fluke 355 measures voltage to 1,000VDC and 600VAC and resistance to 400 kΩ with a continuity beeper, allowing users to perform multiple tests with only one tool. Both meters include a backlit display as well as a display-hold feature to capture readings. They also measure frequency up to 1 kHz for troubleshooting applications, feature min, max, and AVG functions for analyzing readings, and a low-pass filter.
Circle 200

Building/hookup wire

THHN 19-strand 600V uncoated copper building wire is available in 4-gauge to 14-gauge sizes. MTW-type wire is available in 10- and 26-strand 600V bare, annealed copper in 10-gauge to 16-gauge sizes. Both THHN and MTW-type wire are UL, cUL, CSA, and NEMA rated. TFFN-type wire is available as 16-gauge, 26-strand, 600V uncoated copper.
Circle 201

Tension ties/tools

Pan-Steel stainless steel retained tension ties and tools are available in standard, light heavy, and heavy cross-sections with two design options. The MRT Series clamp design provides tight fastening of rigid materials in high vibration and harsh environments. For fluid applications, the MRS Series' 360° seal design eliminates gaps under the head of the tie. Both styles feature a self-locking cable tie design that locks into place at any length along the tie body. In addition, retained tension tools feature a robust tie tensioning mechanism and a smooth cut-off.
Circle 202

Rail rack

The RLA Series numbered rail rack is designed to facilitate equipment alignment. The product's aluminum 2-post open frame racks are EIA/TIA-compliant and available in heights of 45 and 51 rack units. UL-listed, the racks feature 15-in.-deep bases constructed of ¼-in. aluminum that includes precut holes and screws.
Middle Atlantic Products
Circle 203


UL-listed Amp-Trap 2000 A4BQ 100-600A fuses are for applications that require Class L fuse dimensions with ampere ratings of less than 601. Suitable for branch circuit protection, the fuses are designed for one-way interchangeability, meaning a Class L fuse of any lower ampere rating can be substituted for a given Class L fuse. In addition, the devices provide overcurrent protection for service entrance equipment, large motors, feeders, and other circuits. According to the company, the fuses also reduce the magnitude and duration of faults.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 204

Servo motors

Capable of delivering peak torques of up to 33.63 lb-in., the BSM R-Series of brushless AC servo motors is packaged in 1.6-in.2 and 2.4-in.2 bodies. In addition, users can choose from one or two winding stacks, offering a selection of continuous stall torque ratings that span 1.4 lb-in. to 11.24 lb-in. and peak torques from 4.25 lb-in. to 33.63 lb-in. The smallest one-stack motor measures 1.6 in.2 × 2.32 in. long and weighs 0.88 lb. Power and feedback connections to the motors are made by long flying leads. Users can also specify motors with a resolver or 2,000 PPR encoder fitted for positional feedback.
Baldor Electric
Circle 205

Weather-resistant receptacles

This line of receptacles is cULus listed as well as listed to the weather-resistant supplement of UL498. The product line includes a variety of duplex, decorator, and specification-grade receptacles in commercial and residential versions. The residential models are also tamper-resistant.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 206

Resistive load banks

These custom-built AC-DC resistive load banks are enclosed in a rack mount/bench top chassis from 25W to 30kW in a single chassis. If needed, three of the 30kW loads can be combined to create a 90kW load. According to the company, all load requirements can be accommodated, including AC, DC, single-phase and 3-phase, 1% or 5% resistor tolerances, power factor loads configured with remote or manual operation, multiple input, control, meters, or any other customer option.
OHM Loads
Circle 207

Low-voltage switchgear

Entellisys 4.0 low-voltage switchgear's new high-resistant ground fault (HRGF) feature identifies the location of the feeder breaker circuit where the ground fault exists with no added hardware. In addition, the switchgear's architecture minimizes wiring and shipping split terminations by reducing the amount of wiring in equipment — in some cases up to 70%, according to the company. The company says it has streamlined the remote communication integration process to use one interface for the entire lineup.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 208

Graphics software

SmartDraw 2008.2 features enhanced charts and graphs, new shortcuts, and more than 1,000 new symbols and 100 new templates. In addition, improved charting controls give users more flexibility to customize charts and graphs by allowing them to alter the granularity of the chart and change where and how the legend is displayed. According to the company, enhanced image charts allow users to choose how many images they want repeated in each section of the chart.
Circle 209


Flame-retardant Fiber-Guard plenum is used as a non-metallic flexible raceway for protecting optical fibers in accordance with NEC Art. 770 and 800. Pre-installed with 1,000-lb tensile Bull-Line aramid pull tape, it is available in either white or orange. In addition, it has diameters of 1 in., 1¼ in., 1½ in., or 2 in. to accommodate specific fiber cable diameters. Sequential footage marking and product identification are printed every 2 ft on the plenum, which has standard lengths ranging from 250-ft coils to 5,000-ft reels.
Circle 210

Ethernet switch

The SEL-2725 is an unmanaged Ethernet edge switch and media converter that features four wired ports and one fiber-optic port. Users can connect the Ethernet ports of up to four devices in the same cabinet or panel to the switch, using Cat. 5 shielded, twisted-pair cable. The fiber-optic port can be used with fiber-optic cable to link the product to a station Ethernet network.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Circle 211

Terminal blocks

The ASP045 Series of pluggable terminal blocks features the company's Springcon technology. A replacement to the industry's 5-mm screw-type equivalents, the products ship wire-ready and do not require the use of a screwdriver. Immune to vibration, the spring clamp design provides a gas-tight connection, according to the company. In addition, the terminal blocks accept wires ranging from 16 AWG to 28 AWG and are rated for 300V at 8A.
RIA Connect
Circle 212

Split rings

The split-ring version of the Aegis SGR bearing protection rings is offered in halves for facilitation of field installation. For VFD-controlled AC and DC motors, the split ring protects bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents. According to the company, the ring is maintenance-free and lasts for the life of the motor, regardless of rpm.
Electro Static Technology
Circle 213

PoE range extender

The BWRE-100 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) range extender is designed for use in wireless LANs (WLANs). When used with the company's wireless solution, the device injects a re-energized signal between the wireless switch and the access point (AP) using bi-directional input and output ports located on the extender. According to the company, this enables users to install the APs at a distance of up to 200 m from the wireless switch using Cat. 5e, Cat. 6, or 10G cable. Installation options include horizontal shelf or vertical wall mount.
Circle 214

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