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Power supply The JPS250 Quad series 250W power supply features four outputs. Enclosed in a rugged U-channel chassis, the converters measure 8 in. 4.2 in. 1.5 in. They're suited for applications that require a 1U low profile and tight space requirement. The series accepts a range of input voltages from 85VAC to 264VAC with active power factor correction to meet EN61000-3-2 and -3 standards.XPiQCircle

Power supply

The JPS250 Quad series 250W power supply features four outputs. Enclosed in a rugged U-channel chassis, the converters measure 8 in. × 4.2 in. × 1.5 in. They're suited for applications that require a 1U low profile and tight space requirement. The series accepts a range of input voltages from 85VAC to 264VAC with active power factor correction to meet EN61000-3-2 and -3 standards.
Circle 150

Management software

The HP Rack and Power Manager 1.0 delivers rack and power management software for networked UPS and environmental monitoring products. The software package remotely monitors and controls backup power and battery status, and programs automatic responses to fires, high humidity, and unauthorized entry into a data center rack.
Hewlett Packard
Circle 151

UPS devices

Smart-UPS 2,200VA and 3,000VA rack-mount units occupy 2U of rack space and provide 2,700W of power. The models provide power conditioning and management capabilities for the protection of critical business applications, data, and equipment from utility power disturbances. They also offer proactive alarms, a built-in emergency power-off circuit, enhanced VA/W load meter, and a range of power management accessories.
Circle 152

Adjustable speed drives

The Altivar CL8839 58M family of adjustable speed drives is designed for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications, including semiconductor processing, pharmaceutical and biotech applications, and pump control in water/wastewater treatment applications. Packaged in Type 1, Type 12, integrated or barriered enclosures for wall or floor mounting, the drives come with an optional door-mounted display center with a three-color matrix screen for clear messaging. The UL-Listed drives conform to all international standards, including NEMA, ICS, NFPA, and IEC.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 153

Surge protection unit

The Combotrab series of lightning arrester and transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) combined systems includes Flashtrab Plus Ctrl technology. This technology handles the current associated with a direct or nearby lightning hit and provides clamping voltages under 900V independent of surge current. The protection device combines this lightning energy handling technology with a tightly coordinated TVSS component to address both lightning events and switching type transients, providing Category C and B protection in one unit.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 154

Power conditioning device

The ElectroFlow provides energy savings of as much as 34% while enhancing power quality without any load disruptions. Its features include voltage improvement and stability, 3-phase balancing, surge/transient suppression, harmonics mitigation, power factor improvement, and kVA release. The device also includes optional brownout protection and electrical parameters monitoring features.
Electenergy Technologies
Circle 155

Fire alarm system

NetSOLO Broadband delivers full-network control and communications, digital messaging, live voice instructions, and fire fighter telephone communications through a distributed network fire alarm system on a single pair of wires. This system incorporates existing 7100 panels and doesn't need to be redesigned. It also uses Boolean logic programming and a digital signal processor.
Fire Control Instruments
Circle 250


The Caddy fasteners, which comprise the ISN Smart Nut and the ISSP Strut Plate, allow users to create multiple strut trapeze installations. The ISN snaps anywhere on 0.375-in. threaded rod and is adjustable and removable. The ISSP can be used in commercial and industrial applications and has a load rating of 220 lb. When installed together, the ISN and the ISSP can eliminate the need for additional structure fasteners and drop rods.
Circle 251


The OptiMo field-installable fiber optic connectors provide increased productivity with faster field installation. The connectors terminate with an opto-mechanical splice. The factory-polished end-face provides low insertion loss, low reflectance, and high bandwidth transmission. They're available for singlemode, multimode 50/125mm, and multimode 62.5/125mm.
Circle 252

Seismic-rated telecom rack

The Seismic open-frame rack is designed for data communications centers and telecommunications facilities situated in earthquake-prone regions. The rack meets the requirements of Telcordia GR-63-CORE Zone 4, using a test load of 1,000 lb. The 19-in. and 23-in. wide racks provide a mechanically secure platform that ensures both equipment protection and network integrity during earthquake tremors. The base is manufactured using 7 gauge cold rolled steel (CRS), while the rest of the rack is manufactured using 10 gauge CRS.
Circle 253

Hole plug assembly

The Pluggit fiberglass hole plug assembly is adapted for electrical enclosures, tank walls, HVAC ductwork, and other applications that have extra holes either from incorrect drilling or intentional drilling for later use. The assembly protects against entry of dust, water, and other potentially destructive elements by providing a hole seal for use in corrosive and outdoor environments. It's available in four basic kits to seal cutouts from 0.5-in. to 2.56-in. diameters. The fiberglass maintains chemical resistance features, is constructed from flame-retardant SMC that complies with UL 94V-0, and has been tested to IEC IP66 and IP68.
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
Circle 254

Circuit breakers

The QO and Homeline 2-pole high amp miniature circuit breakers with 225A sub-feed lugs increase load center capacity in large homes. Their plug-in construction allows electrical contractors to install larger circuits within the load center, instead of requiring a separately mounted enclosure and circuit breaker. They're available with 150A, 175A, and 200A handle ratings. They're also designed for use in single-phase load centers and certain 150A and 200A combination service entrance devices.
Square D
Circle 255

Fiber optic pigtails

These singlemode and multimode fiber optic pigtails are factory-polished to provide low insertion loss and low back reflection. Fiber pigtails can be used for fusion or mechanical splicing to out-side plant and building cables. They're factory-tested for insertion and return loss after polishing and are available in LC, MT-RJ, SC, and ST styles.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 256

Mogul-based lamp

This 125W metal halide mogul-based lamp is designed for enclosed rate luminaires. Developed for retrofit applications, the 125W Uni-Form pulse start lamp is an alternative to the traditional 175W universal metal halide lamp. It provides 12,000 initial lumens, 8,400 mean/design lumens, and a color temperature of 4,000K. It also offers a color-rendering index of 65.
Venture Lighting
Circle 257

Cable connectors

TEK-MATExtra hazardous location cable connectors feature a patented compression insert that delivers pull-out protection. The locking sealing chamber and rain-tight NEMA 4 insert allows the connectors to create a true 360° grounding. The connectors are corrosion-resistant, made of copper-free aluminum construction, and have a low-profile hex hub. They're available in 11 trade sizes that range from 0.5 in. to 4 in. The connectors are also UL Listed.
Circle 258

Fire control communicator

The IntelliKnight 5700 fire control communicator provides digital fire reporting over ordinary telephone lines. The 5700 supports as many as 50 address-able devices that allow the user to pin-point which device has been activated and needs attention. It also uses a distributed power scheme to simplify installation and reduce wiring requirements. The system conducts an automatic test every 24 hr that is sent to the central station. It also reports in both the SIA and Contact ID formats.
Silent Knight
Circle 259

Fluorescent high bay light

The Industra 5 FTV combines fluorescent and high bay technology in a luminaire for industrial lighting and commercial applications. The luminaire features four 54W or 80W T5/HO linear fluorescent lamps to provide high CRI and 95% lumen maintenance. It lowers maintenance costs by providing more than 20,000 hr of lamp life. Reflector finishes are available in Miro 4 and specular aluminum. The luminaire offers mounting methods and is suitable for both chain and surface mounting.
Day-Brite Lighting
Circle 260

Firestopping plug

The CP 658 firestop plug temporarily seals cored or round holes used for single or bunched cables in fire walls and floors. It offers telecommunications and electrical installation professions a dust-and fiber-free product for meeting building and firecodes. It's reuseable and repenetrable to help save users time and money. Because the plug is also halogen, asbestos, and solvent-free, it's suitable for buildings under construction or renovation.
Circle 261

Distribution system

The Snake Bus power distribution system eliminates the need for traditional methods of hard wiring equipment to deliver power through data centers and workstations. The preconfigured system delivers 50A, 3-phase, 208V power and provides as much as 15kW of power in one track. Its low-profile design mounts under the floor and only requires 2 in. of space. It comes in 4-ft and 8-ft snap-together lengths.
Snake Tray
Circle 262

Spiral compact fluorescent lamp

This 42W spiral compact fluorescent lamp offers an alternative to the 150W incandescent lamp that fits into standard table and floor lamps. The lamp has a life of 10,000 hr, a color rendering index of 82, and is available in a color temperature of 2,700K. It also features an electronic ballast coupled with a non-amalgam lamp design that provides a flicker-free instant start and a quick ramp-up to full light output.
GE Consumer Products
Circle 263

Pre-fabricated boxes

This pre-fabricated box, which consists of a Uni-Mount cover, 4-in. square box with ground screw, and 8-in. insulated copper ground lead, is designed for use with metal or wood studs. The box is available with a single- or two-device cover in 0.5-in., 0.625-in., or 0.75-in. raised cover mounted to a 1.5-in or 2.125-in deep 4 in. square box. The cover design eliminates the need for far side support because guide tabs and stud alignment holes ensure consistent alignment and mounting height for installation.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 264

Corded drill

The R5010 VSR Hammer/Pulse Drill features two dials that control the torque and speed of the drill. The drill has a patented, impact-grade keyless chuck for impact driving and hammer drilling. The chuck has a spring-loaded internal clamp that locks the jaws and bit securely in place. The 0.5-in. drill features an automatic safety clutch, which protects the user from sudden kickback if the bit accidentally jams.
Circle 265

Lighting controls

The Light-master series of lighting controls offers site lighting controls for commercial, retail, and institutional applications. It allows users to accurately and reliably adjust lighting control based on ambient light levels. These units can be used for canopy lighting, parking garages, and combinations of perimeter and site lighting. All controls are available for surface or DIN rail mounting, or in NEMA 1 or 3R enclosures.
Grasslin Controls
Circle 266

Self-propelled boom

The Z-45/25 and Z-45/25J DC and self-propelled articulating booms handle high-reach jobs in both indoor and outdoor applications. The system combines quiet and emission-free operation of a 48VDC machine and has the added feature of an on-board diesel-powered generator. The generator acts as a 100A battery charger to provide electrical power to operate all boom functions.
Genie Industries
Circle 267

Fluorescent floodlight

The Compact Fluorescent Future Flood is a die cast aluminum floodlight that uses 42W of fluorescent to produce an energy saving white light. The flood-light lasts for 10,000 hr with 3,200 total lumens. The fixture is available in both white and bronze durable powder coat finish.
RAB Electric Manufacturing
Circle 268

Metering device

The IQ 100 compact electronic meter is designed for basic voltage and current monitoring applications. The meter provides true rms measurements for accurate measurement of distorted waveforms. It displays 3-phase volts and amps on a three-lined LED display with a user-friendly menu structure. Applications for the meter include motor control centers, switchboards, feeder panels, control panels, panelboards, and switchgear.
Circle 200

Grounding retrofit kit

The PulserPlus retrofit kit has a simplified control panel, alarm capability, and data logging to help identify ground fault sources. The digital display on the control panel faceplate provides readouts for neutral-ground voltage and neutral amperage values. The digital data communications capability allows you to send alarms to one or several remote locations as soon as they're activated. The programmable alarm delay feature can be used so that minor faults don't interrupt important production, but can be dealt with at a more convenient time.
Post Glover Resistors
Circle 201

Accent lighting

Round RopeLED accent lighting is housed with a flexible PVC tube with a diameter of 0.5 in. and at a length of at least 6.5 ft and features 10 LEDs per foot. The weather-resistant construction makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses. It comes in 120V, and available colors include red, blue, green, yellow, and white. The lighting is held in place with small plastic clips that snap onto the tube, and can be nailed, screwed, or glued to an adjacent surface.
Circle 202

Electronic ballast

DynaVision is a microprocessor-based electronic ballast for the operation of pulse-start metal halide lamps. The ballasts reduce costs and save energy by allowing you to use lower wattage lamps, or reduce the number of fixtures installed. They'll operate either a 320W, 350W, or 400W pulse-start metal halide lamp, from any manufacturer, at its rated wattage level.
Advance Transformers
Circle 203

Flexible fabric inner duct

MaxCell is a patented, flexible fabric, textile inner duct that uses 80% of conduit space without affecting cable-pulling tension. It takes on the shape of the cable in the conduit, leaving virtually no unused space after placement. It provides multiple low-friction pathways for installation of plenum cable in building environments and has UL approved plenum-rated pull tapes.
Clifford of Vermont
Circle 204

Test tool accessories

SureGrip professional test equipment accessories are designed to improve gripping ability and reduce the chance of probes slipping from the user's hand or off the component. The accessories include a range of clips and test leads with rubber over-molded surfaces and finger-hugging curves for ergonomic comfort and operational ease. They carry 1,000V CAT III/600V CAT IV safety ratings, making them safe for use in most industrial environments.
Circle 205

Industrial drive

The P7 drive for fans and pumps in industrial applications provides V/f control, 110% overload capability, and a wide selection of network communications and input/output options. The drive is factory-programmed and ready to run. The keypad includes a copy function to move a chosen set of parameters from one drive to another. An optional three-contactor style bypass package allows motor operation from the drive or across-the-line to facilitate drive maintenance while the motor continues to operate. It supports open architecture and connectivity standards with network communications choices that include Ethernet protocols. Drive coordination is simplified with 4mA to 20mA and 0V to 10V inputs and outputs.
Circle 206

Dimming cabinets

The Architectural Grade a-2000-24 modular dimming cabinets provide reliability of high-end theatrical dimming systems for facilities managers. The cabinets have as many as 24 dimmer channels, rated at 2,400W per channel and are stackable to provide as many as 48 dimmers with a single power feed. They feature dual SCR dimming circuitry and are designed with a large wiring space. The microprocessor-based control circuitry is compatible with a variety of non-fluorescent and fluorescent lighting loads, including electronic fluorescent dimming ballasts designed for 0VDC to 10VDC control signals.
Circle 207

Splices and terminals

Raychem Duraseal heat-shrinkable splices and terminals insulate and protect electrical connections from mechanical abuse, wire pull-out, and abrasion. The splices and terminals are sealed and resist water, salt spray, and debris. They're available in several configurations, including butt splices, fork terminals, ring terminals, push-on terminals, tabs, pins, and bullet terminals. The terminals can accept 10 AWG through 22 AWG wire.
Tyco Electronics
Circle 208

Fire alarm control panels

The MS-9200, MS-9600, and MS-9200UD addressable fire alarm control panels feature advanced auto-programming capabilities, reducing installation time and overall cost. Manufactured with surface-mount technology, the panels feature fire protection, including automatic detector test capability, drift compensation, and maintenance alert. The MS-9200 is designed for smaller buildings and supports as many as 198 addressable devices in one loop. The MS-9600 can support as many as 636 addressable devices on both loops. The MS-9200UD features a built-in communicator, remote site upload/download capability, and selectable strobe synchronization.
Fire-Lite Alarms
Circle 209

Bench multimeter

The 5491A bench multimeter provides an easy-to-read dual display with 50,000-count accuracy. The PC-compatible benchtop unit uses a standard 115VAC outlet as the power source. It features a 30 Hz to 100 kHz measurement bandwidth and closed-case calibration. Overload protection via an audible beeper is provided for all voltage and current measurements, and a rack mount is also available.
B&K Precision
Circle 210

LED lighting

The Clikstrip LED Element is designed for accent and display lighting under cabinets, in coves, around baseboards, on shelves, and in workstations. The low heat generation from the LED lamps makes it suitable for space-restricted applications and heat-sensitive product displays. It uses an LED circuit board that contains eight LED lamps mounted on festoon-style lamp contacts that yield an energy-efficient light strip.
Ardee Lighting
Circle 211

Switching system

The SoftSwitch48 switching system provides a single-panel solution for small to medium switching applications. The system also integrates an astronomic timeclock (ATC) for facility automation and allows digital control for as many as 48 circuits and 32 wallstations. It reduces wiring by incorporating daisy-chained, networked wall-stations and programmable contact closure inputs for occupant and photosensor integration. Available for 100V to 127V, 277V, and 347V applications, the panels feature switching circuits that are rated for any light source or motor.
Circle 212

Metal halide ballast

The ARC Keeper 400W metal halide backup ballast is designed for metal halide probe-start lamps. The ballast detects line disturbances that threaten lamp arc and then assumes control of the arc, preventing lamp arc extinction. It maintains the lamp arc for as long as 2 min or until normal or backup power is in place. It's UL Listed and made for indoor and damp locations.
Circle 213

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