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Steel switch boxes This series of steel switch boxes in available in multiple sizes and models from 1-in. to 3-in. deep. With more than 500 SCUs, box configurations include multigang, gangable, nongangable, shallow, extra-shallow, and deep gangable. Standard features include B and FB brackets, NM cable clamps, BX/MC cable clamps, swing brackets, locking grips, and Old Work Tigergrips. Drawn, welded,

Steel switch boxes

This series of steel switch boxes in available in multiple sizes and models from 1½-in. to 3½-in. deep. With more than 500 SCUs, box configurations include multigang, gangable, nongangable, shallow, extra-shallow, and deep gangable. Standard features include B and FB brackets, NM cable clamps, BX/MC cable clamps, swing brackets, locking grips, and Old Work Tigergrips. Drawn, welded, and beveled corner models are also available, along with switchbox extensions and supports. Multigang switch boxes include device ears. Gangable switch boxes (2¾-in. and 3½-in. deep) are preassembled with 10-32 ground screws and a 7½-in.-long 12 AWG solid pigtail.
Circle 250

Portable generator

The 6500 portable generator features 5,000 running watts and 5,500 peak watts. It also offers 9 hr of continuous operating time at the rated load. Other product features include electrical and manual start, automatic “low oil shutdown,” a 6.5-gal fuel tank, circuit breaker protection, integral battery tray, and a full perimeter safety frame. The product's engine is a 13-hp 4-stroke, overhead valve configuration.
Cummins Onan
Circle 251

Flexible cable

The Q-Wire Series of flexible, watertight cables can be used for direct burial applications to power low-voltage indoor and outdoor lighting. Two tinned copper insulated conductors lay parallel within an overall jacket. UL-listed, the cable is available in four sizes: 8 AWG, 10 AWG, 12 AWG, and 14 AWG. In addition, the product features a 2-color outer jacket that is brown on one side and dark gray on the other. Stranded conductors are jacketed inside the UF outer jacket and color-coded in bright blue and bright yellow.
Circle 252

Solar PV kit

Sunkit is a factory-designed solar PV system that can be installed as an appliance, according to the company. Designed for installation on flat roofs, pitched roofs, in-roof systems, or open spaces, the product consists of the type of module selected, the matching inverters, the required mounting frame, and the appropriate accessories.
Circle 253

Digital inspection camera

This digital inspection camera features a 2½-in. high-resolution (320 × 240) color LCD display. Image quality and control are achieved via the Image Zoom (2×) feature and LED brightness control. Equipped with a durable, detachable, 3-ft watertight flexible cable and a small camera head, the camera fits through holes as small a ¾-in. In addition, the product's ergonomic handle features up-front power and image controls for one-handed operation. Available in 6V and 12V lithium-ion configurations, the camera is protected in an impact-resistant carrying case.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 254


Made of alloy steel, EZ Bore bits feature increased pocket depth and increased height of the spurs relative to the cutting edge to cut and evacuate wood chips for cleaner holes. In addition, the shank of the bit now has a quick change hex for enhanced chucking and grip. Other product features include cutting teeth that can be resharpened and a replaceable self-feeding tip.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 255

Electronic HID ballast

This line of high-efficiency electronic high-intensity discharge (HID) ballasts is designed to replace magnetic HID ballasts for pulse-start metal-halide lamps. Product features include auto restart and shutdown function, 65-90 color rendering index, open circuit protection, short-circuit protection, igniter failure protection, and surge protection. The minimum lamp starting temperature is -30°C, and the ballast is potted for cooler operation and longer life, according to the company. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the devices are UL- and cUL-listed, meet FCC rules and regulations and ANSI requirements, and meet EISA and RoHS standards.
American Ballast
Circle 256

Universal recessed box

The Red Dot Code Keeper universal recessed box features a box and cover combination that meets NEC requirements for wet locations. According to the company, the universal design mounts vertically or horizontally, and adapter plates enable the box to fit 12 common installation configurations. In addition, the box installs on numerous exterior surfaces, including siding, brick, or stucco. The product's new-work mounting ring provides space for rigid or vinyl siding and adapts to any siding thickness.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 257

Cable/conduit pusher

The Maxx-Trak MT800 cable/conduit pusher eliminates the need for a pull line, according to the company. Delivering up to 800 lb of push force at speeds of up to 200 ft per min, the cable/conduit pusher can be used either freestanding or mounted on a trailer platform or utility vehicle. In addition, set up can be at a single location for multiple pushes. An optional Maxx/Air kit can be added to the product to air-assist the placement of primary URD cables, allowing them to be routinely pushed in excess of 1,000 ft.
Circle 258

Rotary dimmers

The Decorator Series of rotary dimmers provides ergonomic operation as well as full-range dimming and dehumming fan speed controls. The dimmer's illuminated knob indicates the lighting level, and a snap-in LED module operation makes the dimmer easy to find in the dark. Available in incandescent 700W and 1,100W versions, product color choices include ivory, light almond, white, black, and brown.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 259

Reciprocating saw blades

The Great White line of cutting products has been expanded to include premium and standard reciprocating saw blades. To meet a variety of cutting applications, the blades are 1-in. wide and are available in lengths of 6 in., 9 in., and 12 in. The premium blade is designed with a ½-in. universal shank to fit all popular reciprocating saw tools. In addition, the standard blades are ¾-in. and ⅞-in. wide and have lengths of 6 in., 8 in., 9 in., and 12 in. The company says its shock-resistant teeth resist strippage. Like the premium blades, standard blades fit all reciprocating saw tools with a ½-in. universal shank design.
Klein Tools
Circle 260

Wood boring bits

Bul-z-Eye self-feeding wood boring bits feature twin-edges to power through treated or wet wood without binding or jamming. According to the company, the twin edge's precision ground teeth provide up to a 50% wider cutting surface. In addition, the bits are 4⅝-in. long with a 7/16-in. shank to accommodate ½ drill chucks. Twelve-bit diameters are available, ranging from 1-in. to ⅝-in. long. A 6-piece electrician's kit is also available.
Ideal Industries
Circle 261

Cable identifier

The PF-50 cable identifier correctly identifies phases of de-energized and discharged overhead and underground cables. The product consists of a transmitter and receiver that are designed to be handheld with or without gloves, or can be mounted and used on hotsticks. According to the company, the device can test a mile of cable due to its higher test voltage. In addition, red LEDs on both units indicate they are connected to the same cable.
HD Electric
Circle 262

CFL holder

The Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder uses a 13W GU24 bi-pin bulb that has a 10,000-hr life, according to the company. Compliant with NEC 410.16, the lamp holder is designed for installation in enclosed areas, including closets. The product consumes 13W of electricity and can be used with any standard, non-illuminated wall switch. Additional features include pigtail leads and knockout holes for multiple box configurations.
Circle 263

Self-retracting lifeline

The Talon Tie-Back self-retracting lifeline features a hook with 5,000-lb gate strength designed for tie-back use. According to the company, the three layers of webbing in the product's tie-back area provide increased abrasion resistance. OSHA-compliant, the 3.5 ft of tie-back webbing also allows the product to be anchored around most structures.
DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand
Circle 264

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