Protective Devices (Circuit Breakers, Fuses & SPDs)

Protective Devices (Circuit Breakers, Fuses & SPDs)

92. Cooper Bussmann: Fusetron Energy Efficient RK5 Fuses

Cooper Bussmann’s FUSETRON Energy Efficient RK5 fuses use less energy and save more money. Independent studies have shown that these fuses are on average 23% more energy efficient than the next leading brand.**Test results are based on weighted sales volume of FUSETRON and Ferraz Shawmut fuses by selected amp and volt rating combination. Next leading brand refers to Ferraz Shawmut based on third-party fuse market share data for a twenty-seven month period (July 2008- September 2010). MSRP $9.91-$452.45. Fusetron Energy Efficient RK5 Fuses Product Specs

93. Cooper Bussmann: Compact Modular Fuse Holders

Cooper Bussmann’s global compact modular fuse holders with the industry’s best ratings are DIN-rail mountable and color-coded for ease of installation in PV, UL and IEC applications. Small footprint, comb bus bar accessories and remote PLC indication conserves panel space, saves labor time and speeds troubleshooting. IP20 finger-safe construction improves electrical safety. MSRP $10.73. Compact Modular Fuse Holders Product Specs

94. GE: EntelliGuard R Retrofill

EntelliGuard R Retrofill helps make the most of your existing equipment. Aging switchgear can be a major cause of concern. Add to that the normal wear and tear on low-voltage circuit breakers to create a situation that may lead to a loss of system protection and reliability. EntelliGuard R Retrofill Product Information

95. Schneider Electric: PowerPact with Micrologic Circuit Breakers

PowerPact with Micrologic Circuit Breakers set the standards of tomorrow with direct access to energy management. Integrated metering enhances their impeccable protective functions. For the first time, Schneider Electric users can monitor energy from 15 A to 3000 A, offering new performance in a remarkably compact device. No other name in circuit protection is more trusted for reliability and performance than the Square D by Schneider Electric brand and our PowerPact with Micrologic molded case circuit breakers can become the first step in simplifying a facility's operations. Through numerous design innovations, common accessories and standardized ratings, PowerPact with Micrologic circuit breakers save time and money by streamlining the selection process, speeding up installations, and providing renowned operational performance. Schneider Electric has also developed a unique, dual processing architecture that ensures the protection function operates completely independent of the measurement and communication functions. Protection and measurement units are also tested and certified together, guaranteeing the quality of both the breaker and the metering capability.

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PowerPact with Micrologic Circuit Breakers Product Information
PowerPact with Micrologic Circuit Breakers Brochure

96. Cooper Bussmann: Low Voltage and Control Surge Protective Devices

UL Low Voltage Power and Control surge protective devices (SPD) from Cooper Bussmann help assure power quality is free from damaging surges and overvoltage conditions. They feature modular DIN-Rail design with color coding for easy identification, installation and maintenance. easyID™ visual indication and optional remote contact signaling make status monitoring simple. Finger-safe construction improves electrical safety, while a rejection feature assures system integrity by preventing misapplication of SPD modules. MSRP $80-$150. Low Voltage and Control Surge Protective Devices Product Information

97. Cooper Bussmann: Wind Surge Protective Devices

Understanding that wind power installations are highly vulnerable to overvoltages and surges caused by lightning strikes and static discharge, Cooper Bussmann offers surge protective devices (SPD) specifically designed to meet the unique needs of global wind power generation. These advanced surge and lightning protection products offer a modular DIN-rail design with color-coding and rejection feature for easy identification, installation and maintenance. MSRP $150-$300. Wind Surge Protective Devices
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