Under federal law, your employer must have a Hazard Communication document

Under federal law, your employer must have a Hazard Communication document. This safety plan outlines employer's compliance with the federal Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). This document is worth reading. If a copy isn't on your employer's website or intranet, then ask your safety director for it. The document contains information such as:

  • A listing of all hazardous materials used by your employer.
  • How you can obtain MSDS information on those materials.
  • Relevant protection, procedures, and emergency equipment.
  • How your employer meets requirements for labeling, MSDS, and safety training.
  • How supervisors must inform workers about the hazards of non-routine tasks.
  • How you can obtain chemical hazard information from other employers nearby.
The rising premiums for insurance are making employers more proactive in protecting employee health and safety. Another key driver is a shortage of people with specific skill sets. Oddly enough, this shortage occurs during an overall job surplus of labor. Even so, only you can make you safe. Or unsafe!
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