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September 2004 Products of the Week

September 2004 Products of the Week

Certification tester

Designed for testing cables in home and small business installations, the NT900 Validator certification tester is equipped with Plan-Um software, which allows a user to layout a floor plan, denote where each cable drop will be installed, test and certify the system, document the cable job, print out reports, and archive jobs for future reference. The tester can also test coax, telephone, security/alarm, and audio lines for opens, faults, and conditions by using TDR technology and automatic test capabilities and upload the results to a PC or laptop. It features a 4-in. LCD, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, a flash memory card, a remote, patch cables and adapters, two adapter power chargers, and a hard-sided soft zipper case.


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Nonmetallic pin-and-sleeve connectors

Designed for power distribution in exposition center ceiling drops, wall mounts, floor boxes, and portable panel-boards, these nonmetallic pin-and-sleeve connectors have a nonconductive exterior for enhanced safety. The connectors feature brass alloy sockets and recessed pins to help with conductivity, and an extended ground socket ensures a reliable connection. They’re available for 40A and 60A applications and accept flat and round cable.


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Voltage safety detector

Designed to detect voltage 2.5kV and higher, the 44SVD personal voltage detector can detect 44kV from as far as 30 ft. As the detector is moved closer to the voltage-carrying conductor, its AC sensor plate picks up the radiated electric field, which is processed by the detector’s internal circuitry. Once the processed signal is above the threshold, it triggers the input of an integrated circuit, which turns on both a buzzer and LED. It comes with a pocket-sized case with a built-in clip.


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Generator self-test verifier

Designed to evaluate and report the results of backup electrical generators, the Generator Self-Test Verifier checks that a generator has started, that its voltage is within a ±10% tolerance window, and that it has continued to operate for a minimum of two minutes. Mounted to the transfer switch, the device can monitor all possible voltages and phase configurations and requires 120VAC power. In the event of a test failure, it sounds an alarm and either closes a set of contacts or directly reports the failure to a central monitoring agency via telephone line or wireless connection when used with an optional reporting module.

Transtar Products

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