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September 2005 Products of the Week

September 2005 Products of the Week

Single gas monitor

The GasBadge Plus is designed to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, or sulfur dioxide. The compact handheld device weighs 2.5 ounces, but its durable enclosure protects it from water and radio frequency interference. The gas detector’s LCD displays readings in percent-by-volume or parts-per-million and can show the gas type and direct gas readings. When gas concentrations exceed the preset limits, audible and visual alarms are triggered, and the device vibrates.

Industrial Scientific

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Cell tower cables

This flexible, harsh environment cable is designed specifically for cell and radio towers and provides voice applications, high-speed broadband wireless Internet access, and weather collection for new PCS and mobile radio applications. The cable’s shielding is 60% braid and 100% metallic foil tape to avoid interference from other services located on the same tower, and the company’s patented “FlexWeb” construction isolates the cable pairs to produce better pair-to-pair balance and reduced crosstalk. The solid bare copper conductors are insulated with polyethylene and then gel-filled to prevent migration of water through the cable.


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Generator power connection kit

Designed for extra weather protection, this new generator power connection kit features a 2 in. deep cast aluminum weatherproof box with a powder-coated finish. All the wiring devices and mounting hardware required for portable generator installation are included. The kit has a receptacle securely mounted to the cover and a heavy duty, industrial grade base integrated with its weatherproof cover.


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Jobsite security system

The Trailer Dog family of self-contained, solar-charged, battery-powered theft deterrent systems includes packages for trailers and construction/industrial sites. Each version includes an integrated siren, weatherproof solar panel, and LED light activation indicator. The trailer package comes with two key chain remote controls, while the construction/industrial system comes with four.

Trailer Dog

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