September 2006 Products of the Week

September 2006 Products of the Week

LED lighting

The UnderFX uses LED lighting in a durable housing for applications such as under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, display lighting, back bar lighting, and architectural lighting design. The fixtures are available in lengths of 12 in., 18 in., and 30 in., as well as custom sizes available in 6-in. multiples. They feature soft white color temperature from 3,000K to 3,500K that matches incandescent lighting options, are dimmable, can be run directly to a rheostat, and come in three power supply options. Additional colors are available on request.


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Measuring tool for drilling

The PX 10 Transpointer uses magnetic field detection technology to determine the start and exit points for drilling and coring applications, rather than manually measuring or drilling pilot holes. The tool is able to measure wall and ceiling thickness on wood, drywall, block, and concrete and can be operated by one person with the use of adhesive putty. It also features an LCD display that shows wall thickness up to 4.5 ft. For angle drilling and coring, it can be used with the PXA 70 slope adapter to determine the drilling angle or to project the exit point given a set angle.


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Continuity tester

The CT20 is a two-part system consisting of a master continuity tester/transmitter and a two lead, bi-color (red/green) LED remote probe. The continuity tester/transmitter is used for local continuity testing and remote wiring identification. The remote probe allows for single-person remote continuity testing when identifying cables, verifying polarity, or labeling long distance wire/cable runs. This lightweight, compact tester features bright flashing LEDs and a loud pulsating beeper, designed to be heard over high background noise.

Extech Instruments

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Motion sensor

The ThinkWatt RF motion sensor is capable of detecting motion up to 40 ft away and operates HID, compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, and incandescent light sources for energy management in compliance with new energy regulations. This motion and photosensor with interchangeable lenses for aisle or round area detection employs Z-Wave RF mesh networking technology to eliminate the need for Class-II cabling. It can switch electronic or magnetic ballasted luminaires for Hi-Lo functionality, dim electronic ballasted luminaires using 0V to 10V dimming control, and switch any electrical load up to 30A. It is available for 120V to 277V operation.

Cooper Lighting

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