Tools (Accessory Items)

Tools (Accessory Items)

108. DEWALT: 2X Longer Life Reciprocating Saw Blades

DEWALT's line of 2X Longer Life Reciprocating Saw Blades are specifically designed to cut through the hardest metals. These blades feature a wide, thick design for durability, an innovative blade coating process, as well as a variable pitch design for efficient cutting performance. The reciprocating saw blades are ideal for electrical professionals tasked with cutting hard metal materials. 2X Longer Life Reciprocating Saw Blades Press Kit

109. DrillMagnet

The DrillMagnet is a ring-shaped magnet that primarily functions to collect harmful metal shavings when drilling in steel. Especially when drilling overhead, DrillMagnet will reduce burns on the user’s arms, face, and chest and reduce the risk of eye injuries to the user from falling hot metal shavings. When drilling overhead or vertically, DrillMagnet lessens damage to machines, equipment, or inventory located below the work area. DrillMagnet also collects metal fragments when drilling on top of or inside panel boards and control cabinets, thus maintaining a clean space. In addition, DrillMagnet will accommodate hole cutters for a ¾ inch conduit or smaller. DrillMagnet can save the user time by acting as a hardware holder when working on a lift or on the ground when used as a utility magnet. MSRP- $7.50.

110. Lenox: Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw

Plug removal is one of the biggest frustrations tradesmen experience when using a hole saw. They have to wedge a screwdriver under the plug and pry it out, which can be difficult and time consuming. LENOX built the Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT Hole Saw from the ground up with a range of new features to improve the cutting and plug removal process. The patent-pending design of the SPEED SLOT features a wide staircase slot placed low on the saw with multiple leverage points to easily eject the plug. The SPEED SLOT is 10 percent taller and provides easy access to the plug. It removes saw dust and chips while cutting to further prevent the plug from getting stuck in the saw. Additional features include an enhanced tooth form; thin kerf design; and advanced coating to make cutting more efficient and therefore generating less heat while cutting. This new design provides the SPEED SLOT with twice the life of previous hole saws from LENOX.
The key benefits of the Bi-Metal SPEED SLOT Hole Saw over previous models:
- Removes the plug in half the time
- Cuts wood two times faster
- Lasts two times longer in metal cutting.

The development program behind the SPEED SLOT launch was the most extensive ever conducted by LENOX. In 2009, the product team began global insight research and testing to identify the critical features that tradesmen need to be most productive. MSRP: $7-$110, depending on size, which ranges from 9/16 inch to 6 inch inch.

Important Links:
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111. QuickTreX: Flashlight PAL

A special flashlight holster with a Patented 180 degree swivel clip that easily and firmly attaches to a shirt collar or hat to provide hands-free light wherever and whenever it’s needed. Eliminates holding the flashlight in your mouth or scrunching it between your neck and shoulder while working in dark spaces. Can be worn comfortably and securely all day on pants pocket. The MSRP for the Flashlight PAL is $19.72.

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