Tools (Equipment)

Tools (Equipment)

112. Greenlee, a Textron Co.: UT10-2S Two Speed Ultra Tugger 10 and Mobile VersiBOOM II

Greenlee’s new 2-speed Ultra Tugger Cable Puller, the UT10-2S, and Mobile VersiBOOM II comprise a new system to help contractors overcome cable pulling challenges in a one-stop-shop solution, saving them time and money. The UT10-2S is the only 2-speed puller on the market that can pull up to 10,000 pounds and shift from high speed/low load pulling to low speed/high load pulling with a simple double-tap motion on the foot pedal control switch. MSRP is $11,000. Greenlee UT10-2S Two Speed Ultra Tugger 10 and Mobile VersiBOOM II Video

113. Madison Electric Products: Super Rod Kits

Madison Electric Products has partnered with United Kingdom-based Super Rod Ltd to make the Super Rod Mega Set, a multi-purpose cable installation tool, available in the United States. Through this partnership, Madison Electric Products is the exclusive US provider of Super Rod products.
Super Rod Mega Set enables cable installers to inspect, illuminate and retrieve cable faster. The answer to installers’ demands for a multi-purpose cable installation tool, Super Rod combines 52 ft of rods in five flexibilities with an extensive selection of cable-handling attachments. Benefits and features:
· Inspect, illuminate and retrieve cable with an extensive range of unique time saving attachments; Full list included in attached Super Rod Mega Set sell sheet
· Saves on labor costs; In fact, surveys have proven that the payback time for investing in a Super Rod set is very often after just one job
· Made from Adoxim, a specially-formulated resin developed to coat the core glass fiber GRP rod and reduce the possibility of splintering and/or fracturing
· Brass connectors are crimped to the rod, ensuring the highest possible pulling strength (compared to industry standard of using glue to secure fittings to rods)
MSRP: $299.99

Important Links:
Super Rod Kits Product Information
Super Rod Videos

114. Wahoo Innovations, Inc.: POLEdancer Model 1000

The POLEdancer Model 1000 is a money saving portable tool that replaces the need for a contractor to own or rent a bucket truck, pole truck, lift or crane for maintaining and installing parking lot lighting. The POLEdancer Model 1000 will set and take down single or multi head area light poles up to 40 ft in height. It is made of light weight structural aluminum alloy, extends up to 29 ft and will lift up to 800 pounds, but yet when unassembled will fit in the bed of a pickup truck or van. It can be used with a raised pole base and anchored directly to the base or without a raised pole base and anchored from the hitch of a truck. The POLEdancer can also be used for placing poles on parapet walls such as those found around the top of a parking deck by a special attachment that utilizes the weight of a vehicle for an anchor. Once assembled the POLEdancer to pole rigging is accomplished by using a specially designed patented POLEdancer Strap. The POLEdancer strap has a Y on one end that enables the lifting cable to connect to the tapered or square pole from the ground and a hook on the other end that secures the strap to the pole pull box for lifting. Other POLEdancer features includes: 1) 12v industrial hoist equipped with an overload interrupter that will not allow one to lift a load over 800lbs, 2) 12V battery pack complete with thumb controls, quick connects and a jumper cable attachment, 3) No Flat tires that allow for easy maneuverability around job sites, 4) leveling jacks for working on unlevel surfaces, 5) a 5 ft and 9 ft boom extension for working on 30 ft and 40 ft poles respectively and 6) three straps sized for 20 ft, 30 ft, and 40 ft poles. To learn more and see the POLEdancer Model 1000 in action please go to:
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