Wiring Devices

Wiring Devices

126. Cooper Wiring Devices: Combination USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle

The combination USB charger with tamper resistant receptacle replaces a standard duplex receptacle and allows the user to conveniently charge virtually any electronic device without bulky adapters. The receptacle has tamper resistant safety shutters to prevent the insertion of foreign objects and provide compliance with the 2011 NEC. MSRP $17.99. Combination USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle Product Specs

127. Legrand/Pass & Seymour: Audible Alarm GFCI

Legrand/Pass & Seymour recently introduced the industry’s first Audible Alarm GFCI receptacle. It is designed to meet the needs of the expanded National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for GFCI protection. According to NEC requirements, protection is now a requirement for receptacles in commercial and institutional kitchens, as well as those serving residential sump pumps. Legrand/ Pass & Seymour’s Audible Alarm GFCI Receptacle is a tailor-made solution for these requirements and contains the following exciting features:
- Tamper-Resistant: Automatic shutter system prevents young children from inserting common objects such as hairpins or keys
- Audible Alarm alert of tripped condition. Alarm can be turned on/off
- The most durable GFCI available — exceeds UL943 voltage surge requirements; survives 100X the required UL 3kA/6kV voltage surge test cycles.
- Side or internal screw-pressure plate back-wire termination speeds installation; takes #14 to #10 AWG stranded or solid, copper or copperclad conductors
- Two back-wire holes per termination add wiring flexibility, eliminate pigtailing, and save box space
- Trip indicator light makes it easy to identify a tripped condition
- Ground terminal back-wire clamp for fast installation
- High-impact-resistant, thermoplastic construction for superior strength and durability
- Patented SafeLock Protection for More Safety — shuts off power to the receptacle if there’s a ground fault, if the GFCI is miswired, and even if the GFCI fails. This prevents the unsafe condition of power without protection
MSRP: $18.00
Audible Alarm GFCI Product Information

128. Leviton: Renu Collection of Wiring Devices

Leviton’s Renu is a collection of electrical wiring devices, including switches, outlets, dimmers and wallplates, which feature easily changeable faceplates that are available in 20 popular colors. A smart choice for the do-it-yourself decorator, Renu allows homeowners to match the electrical devices of a room to the wall color or the trim, contrast them, or find their own mix-and-match style with other colors in the room. The Renu line of devices coordinates with popular paint colors adding appeal to any décor. The variety of available colors, such as Dapper Tan and Granny Smith Apple, allows Renu users to find the perfect color for their design. And when their tastes change, a homeowner can snap off the face and snap on a new color in seconds, without touching the electrical parts behind the wall or hiring an electrician to replace the device. Once the electrical components are installed, the sleek, screwless wallplates snap directly onto the device, making the faceplates easy for a homeowner to change again and again. Changing the faceplate is as easy as squeezing tabs and pushing down on hooks to remove the outlet face, and snapping on a new face. The electrical components for Renu devices are easy to install as well - the devices are simple to wire, fitting neatly into a wallbox. The innovative tongue-and-groove design makes it a snap to align device parts in multi-gang applications. The MSRP for Renu ranges from $6 (wallplate) to $33 (dimmer). Renu Collection of Wiring Devices Product Information.

129. Thomas & Betts: Carlon Kitchen Pop-Up Receptacle

The Carlon Kitchen Pop-Up Receptacle from Thomas & Betts eliminates power cords hanging over counters to reach side-mounted outlets. When not in use, the receptacle is hidden beneath the countertop under a metallic cover. When the cover is pressed, the GFCI receptacle is released and pops up above the countertop.
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