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American Institute of Architects Launches Education and Training Portal

New portal to host contract documents training, education resources in one convenient place

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently launched its Contract Documents Education Portal, a comprehensive, user-friendly website that offers contractors, builders, and architects high-quality Contract Documents-related education programs and materials in one convenient online location. Users of the new site can access live training webinars, podcasts, and on-demand courses, some eligible for continuing education credit, as well as an extensive library of written resources such as comparisons of old and new AIA Contract Documents and commentaries to better understand key terms and clauses of AIA Contract Documents.

"Many of America’s contractors, architects, owners, developers, and other building professionals have told us they need a one-stop educational resource where they can learn more about AIA Contract Documents and software," said Molly Lindblom, Managing Director of AIA Contract Documents. "The new AIA Contract Documents' Education Portal will advance AIA's commitment to meeting the needs of every career stage and serve as a valuable tool in the marketplace,"

Additionally, visitors can access more than 500 frequently asked questions about using AIA documents, guides — available as free downloads — on methods in design and construction projects and register for in-person events and audience-centered and dialogue friendly workshops and discussions groups.

Led by experts in their fields, current courses offerings include:

  • Sustainable Design and Construction: Identifying, Understanding, and Addressing, the Key Issues
  • An overview of the recently released green model building code, the International Green Construction Code (IcCC)
  • New federal regulations on implementation of the ADA guidelines and the relevant issues facing accessible design
  • Owner/Contractor Agreements and Choosing the Right One for A Project
  • Payment Applications and Change Orders
  • Docs 101: Introduction to Construction Contracts for Small Firms
  • Contract Documents for Digital Practice
  • Managing Risk: Using Owner/Contractor and Subcontractor Construction Contracts.
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