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Standard Energy Solutions Expands to Provide Comprehensive Home Solar, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Management Services

Standard Energy Solutions (SES) recently announced it has expanded to become a complete home energy solutions company providing home solar, energy efficiency, and energy management services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With an expanded, renewed focus, SES helps customers take better control of their energy production through holistic product and solution offerings that help empower homeowners to minimize their energy usage.

“We originally launched SES in 2009 to offer simple and dependable energy efficiency improvements through in-depth energy audits and retrofits to improve home energy performance," says Scott Wiater, president of Standard Solar and SES. "Late last year it became very clear that households need more than what we were currently offering. Beginning now, we can now offer customers a holistic approach to their home energy needs, including solutions for solar, home generators and smart home technology to help them maximize control over their energy spend. This is the new generation home energy company.”

SES’ comprehensive whole home solutions are designed to provide customers with optimal control and comfort, from assessment to project completion. New product offerings and services include:

  • Energy audits determine what energy solutions will benefit the customer most and what will truly lower their energy costs.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of customized home solar systemsincluding battery backup.
  • Whether needed to power key electrical loads or a whole house power solution, SES offers a safe, reliable energy option with its generator solutions.
  • Retrofit management work performed by SES experts including insulation, air sealing and LED lighting upgrades.
  • The latest smart home technology provide customers with the optimal energy management solution for their home.
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