Energy Management

Strategies for reducing energy usage in building and equipment design while enhancing operations and performance and maximizing cost savings


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Electric Grid


Photo 1. This structure in Central Coast, Calif. is powered by an array of 28 solar panels situated down the hill from the guesthouse to preserve views extending out into the ocean. The panels sit along the grade of the hill to maximize exposure to the sun. The conduit is run underground to the garage where the batteries and inverter live.

Rise in Off-Grid Residential Solar Installations

Nov. 15, 2022
Homeowners are increasingly interested in using solar to go off grid — or at least as close as possible. The reasons why indicate this might not be a niche market much longer....
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Welcome to Inaugural Issue of EV Infrastructure

July 3, 2023
As previously announced, we have ceased production of Electrical Wholesaling's G-Biz email newsletter. As a replacement, we are launching EV Infrastructure, which will track the...
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$51 Million Earmarked to Improve EV Charging Experience

May 23, 2023
Joint Office of Energy and Transportation announces Ride and Drive Electric opportunity and ChargeX Consortium.
Infrared scanning for power quality problems

Harmonics: Identification and Diagnosis Detailed

May 8, 2023
How to identify, monitor, diagnose, and deal with harmonics in electrical power systems
Wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors ensure lights are off when a space is vacant. They install in minutes to help optimize energy savings and simplify code compliance.

2023 Energy Codes and Lighting & Control Requirements

April 14, 2023
What changes are likely in store for lighting and controls this year as they relate to energy code requirements
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Planning Tips for EVSE Installations

Oct. 18, 2022
NECA’s 2022’s educational program was loaded with content on building a business in EVSE installations. This session covered pre-installation planning.
Skilled DC power technicians are in high demand.

Inside the Shortage of Trained Stationary Battery Technicians

Oct. 14, 2022
Why the time is now to address the growing concern surrounding this inadequately trained niche workforce.
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Lithium-ion battery

Lithium Batteries and the Tools They Power

Oct. 13, 2022
Game-changing development in battery-powered tools also brings new rules of how to play the game.
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Louisiana Clears New Bill to Improve Energy Efficiency Codes Statewide

July 11, 2022
New law will require jurisdictions to update to the 2021 International Residential Code and the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code