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Adding Intelligence to Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

New GTM Research report discusses how technology can support smarter energy management.

In the face of uncertain federal regulation, city and state agencies are leading the charge toward distributed energy resources (DER) integration and advancing renewables growth. According to GTM Research, 71% of New York City's greenhouse gas emissions come from its buildings.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his 80 x 50 plan to reduce the city's emissions by 80% by 2050. While reductions have been achieved through quick fixes, such as upgrading fuel for building heat, future reductions will be more difficult. Many of the commercial buildings that make up the Manhattan skyline will play a role in meeting the 80 x 50 target. In addition to new construction meeting this standard, many of these existing buildings can harness energy management software to improve energy efficiency.

GTM Research

In a recent report, GTM Research analysts explain how energy management platforms for commercial customers can integrate energy data with relevant non-energy data to analyze drivers of energy use and eventually improve day-to-day operations of commercial buildings. By using software-based technologies that add intelligence to energy consumption in commercial buildings,  building operators can identify and respond to cost-saving opportunities.

Discussing the current trends and characteristics of the energy management platform landscape, the report goes on to outline just how these platforms can automate energy usage information through the visualization of energy use, generation of alerts, recommendation of actions, and automated response.

Find out more about the report, its table of contents and figures by downloading a brochure.

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