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Live Event Identifies Emerging Trends in Energy Storage

Energy experts answer live polling questions on state of the market.

In mid-December 2017, Greentech Media’s Energy Storage Summit kicked off with a live panel discussion. Moderated by Senior Energy Storage Analyst Dan Finn-Foley moderated a panel at Greentech Media's Energy Storage Summit, the panel featured experts on stage who were asked to interpret and weigh in as 500 senior-level energy professional attendees answered live polling questions on the top themes in the market.

Greentech Media’s Energy Storage Summit, Audience Participation Poll

One of the questions asked that could be of interest to EC&M readers involved whether lithium-ion will remain the undisputed king, and if not, who will emerge as its challenger? When asked what technology has the best chance of supplanting lithium-ion as the dominant utility-scale advanced storage technology, flow batteries drew the most optimism (see Figure 1). In fact, nearly half of attendees cited them as the most exciting technology for utility-scale applications (Figure 2).

GTMResearch/ESA U.S. Energy StorageMonitor

According to the report: “As system durations continue to grow, flow battery manufacturers are increasingly bullish on their pricing, claiming the high ground for 6-hour or longer duration and even eyeing the coveted 4-hour mark.” 

Read the full report here: The Next Five Years in Energy Storage According to 500 Energy Professionals.


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