Industry Viewpoint



Tracking Trends in Lighting & Control

April 11, 2023
What's having the greatest impact on the lighting & controls market

Ongoing Worker Shortage Woes

March 14, 2023
How to make sense of the ever-changing construction market employment numbers

Taking Building Lessons from Bees?

Feb. 7, 2023
What the electrical construction industry can learn from these little buzzing builders on prefabrication techniques and strategies

The Ins and Outs of Working with Electrical Inspectors

Jan. 12, 2023
How electrical installers and inspectors can maintain a positive and professional partnership

Celebrating Extraordinary Young Talent in the Electrical Industry

July 13, 2022
Take a look at this year's talented group of 30 Under 30 recipients.

Candid Code Conversations Showcased in New EC&M Podcast Series

Nov. 12, 2021
New podcast features difficult-to-decipher concepts surrounding the 2020 National Electrical Code in 10 minutes or less

Ready and Waiting for a Rebound

Sept. 16, 2021
An inside look at how Top 50 Electrical Contractors are navigating the market in hopes of a post-pandemic world.

Top 40 Electrical Design Firms Ready for Recovery and Reset

June 15, 2021
Annual survey reveals key trends in the industry as well as potentially permanent modifications to business as usual for many electrical design firms in the post-pandemic world...

Making Electrical Safety a Priority Every Single Day

May 13, 2021
In honor of Electrical Safety Month, EC&M offers assortment of articles that set the safety record straight.