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Courtesy of Highland Electric / New York State Energy Research & Development Electric School Bus Guidebook
Nyserd Electric School Bus
Courtesy of American Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Association
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Courtesy of Greenlane.
Rendering of a prototype of a Greenlane commercial truck EV charging station.

Heavy-Duty EV Truck Charging Network Expansion

Aug. 16, 2023
Study predicts steady growth as charge point operators like Greenlane announce plans.
Conductor configuration of carbon/glass hybrid fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite and T-type soft aluminum wires.

Power Line Reconductoring Considerations

July 31, 2023
Industry and Department of Energy fire up talk of advanced conductors as central to needed grid renewal.
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power lines

The Heat Is on the Grid

July 17, 2023
North American summer heat wave stresses the grid and those monitoring its reliability under worsening projections.
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drug testing at work

The Future of Workplace Drug Screenings

June 30, 2023
Lab testing data suggesting pot usage on the rise could elevate oral fluids testing
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Addressing the Construction Industry's Discrimination Issues

June 16, 2023
EEOC lays out plan for addressing sector’s perceived employment discrimination history.
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Electric Vehicle charger
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Gen Z
Rosendin Women In Construction

EC&M Celebrates Women in Construction Week

March 9, 2023
Meet four women from Rosendin Electric who demonstrate every day how females are making strides in the industry.
University of Maine photo
A prototype of the VolturnUS floating wind turbine developed at the University of Maine.

The Future of Floating Offshore Wind Platform Technology

March 1, 2023
As wind generation projects crank up, the track unfolding in Maine shows the stakes and the promise.
Electric Vehicle symbol

Factors Affecting Accessibility of EV Charging Services

Feb. 27, 2023
Disparities in delivery of charging services could complicate rollouts, EV penetration
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Construction worker wearing fall safety gear

BLS Stats Show Worker Fatalities Increase in 2021

Jan. 31, 2023
Construction trades rank high, and electricity mishaps increase.