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Electrician Found Dead at Aramark Uniform Service

Employees at Aramark Uniform Service say a person was found dead inside the north Toledo, Ohio, business around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning, July 26, according to a WTOL 11 News report.

The victim, who police have identified as Michael Meeks, was a private electrical contractor from Fort Wayne, Ind.

Aramark employees say the man was seen working on top of the scissor lift about an hour before his body was found.

Although his exact cause of death is pending, police say Meeks was working on a scissor lift without a harness.

Unfortunately, EC&M continues to report on numerous workplace injuries and fatalities, along with other electrical-related deaths/accidents that were perhaps preventable. For example, the following incidents have appeared on EC&M’s website in just the past few months:

To help combat these all-too-frequent tragedies, EC&M remains committed to keeping readers updated on the latest workplace safety initiatives with timely news items, important product recalls, and safety-related feature articles, including:

EC&M has also dedicated comprehensive coverage to the topic of electric shock drowning (ESD) in several feature articles, such as “What Lies Beneath”  and “Pool Shock Peril Resurfaces,”  and the free ebook, Electric Shock Drowning: The Truth Behind the Tragedies, which highlight the need for more careful inspection and stringent maintenance of bonding and grounding systems near or in bodies of water.

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