Bonding & Grounding

General design and installation requirements associated with the bonding and grounding connections in an electrical system


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Photo 1. When connections are properly installed, the bond is permanent and will not corrode or break over time.

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The grounded conductor (white) is terminated in the panelboard on the grounded busbar. The green screw is the main bonding jumper connecting the grounded busbar to the enclosure. A threaded hub (upper right) provides secure bonding to metal enclosures. The smaller bare copper conductor on the left is the equipment grounding conductor providing bonding. The larger bare copper on the right is the grounding electrode conductor that connects the grounded busbar to the grounding electrode system (i.e., the ground rod held in the upper left).

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Installation of a ground-fault circuit interrupter

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Fig. 1. Electrical installations for storable pools, spas, hot tubs, and immersion pools must comply with Part I and Part III of Art. 680.

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Fig. 1. Unlike traditional interlocked MC cable, the sheath of MCAP cable is listed and identified as an EGC.

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Fig. 1. Equipment grounding conductors must be sized not smaller than shown in Table 250.122; however, they are not required to be larger than the phase conductors.

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