June 2023

Electrical Construction & Maintenance: Volume 122, Issue 6
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A Tidal Wave of Revenue: EC&M's 2023 Top 40 Electrical Design Firms Special Report

June 15, 2023
Business washed up on Top 40 Electrical Design Firms’ doorsteps in 2022, but the flood of revenue carried in some challenges that continue into 2023.
Connectors Showcase

New Product Showcase: Connectors — June 2023

June 14, 2023
Check out the latest product innovations in connectors.
mc cable uses permitted

Stumped by the Code? NEC Requirements for MC Cable

June 14, 2023
Answering your NEC questions
Fig. 1. The rating, type, and installation of receptacles, attachment plugs, and flange inlets can be found in Art. 406 of the NEC.

NEC Requirements for Receptacles

June 14, 2023
It’s easy to commit Code violations with receptacle applications if you don’t have a solid understanding of the NEC requirements.
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EC&M’s Top 40 Electrical Design Firms Shatter Revenue Expectations

June 13, 2023
How leading electrical design firms fared in 2022 and projections for the coming year

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electrical cables improperly installed

What's Wrong Here? Hint: Piggybacking Prohibited

June 1, 2023
Can you spot the Code violation in this photo?
severely rusted raceways and electrical wiring

Illustrated Catastrophes: Rusted Raceways

June 1, 2023
See the latest Code violations from NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc.
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Practically Speaking: The Importance of Definitive Definitions

June 1, 2023
Why Code definitions must be clear and easy to understand
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Terminal Block Software

How to Get the Best Design When Integrating Terminal Blocks

May 15, 2023
Best practices for optimizing electrical cabinet design
Courtesy of Lutron Electronics
Outdoor lighting can make your customer’s homes look good and feel safe.

Helping Customers Understand the Value of Outdoor Lighting

Jan. 4, 2023
Five outdoor lighting ideas electrical contractors can offer homeowners for increased peace of mind