July 2023

Electrical Construction & Maintenance: Volume 122, Issue 7
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Ensuring the Electrical Industry Legacy Not Only Stays Alive But Also Thrives

July 13, 2023
Creative ways electrical professionals are recruiting and retaining top talent despite skilled labor shortage
Swimming pool

A Deep Dive Into Article 680

July 13, 2023
Understanding equipotential bonding requirements for swimming pools, fountains, and similar installations as outlined in Art. 680 of the NEC
Photo 2. Don't let your job site become an equipment parking lot.

Reducing the Impact of Poor Job-Site Conditions

July 13, 2023
Inferior site conditions on construction projects impact labor, morale, productivity, and quality of installation.
TC cable uses permitted

Stumped by the Code? NEC Requirements for Installing TC Cable

July 12, 2023
Answering your NEC questions
Fig. 1. Use the rules in Art. 430 to calculate and apply overcurrent protection for motors.

NEC Requirements for Motors – Part 1 of 2

July 12, 2023
Do you know the basics of Art. 430, including what overload protection is and what the requirements are for overload protection?

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The Most Important Definitions for Electrical Estimators

July 12, 2023
Twenty terms every estimator should understand
New Product Showcase: Computers, Software & Apps — July 2023

New Product Showcase: Computers, Software, & Apps — July 2023

July 12, 2023
Check out the latest product innovations in computers, software, and apps.
cluster of cables and receptacles

Illustrated Catastrophes: Cable Cluster

June 30, 2023
See the latest Code violations from NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc.
wrongly reidentified electrical wires

What's Wrong Here? Hint: Wrongly Reidentified Reds

June 30, 2023
Can you spot the Code violation in this photo?