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2023’s 30 Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars

July 13, 2023
An inside look at how these young electrical professionals are innovating best practices, investing in training and technology, and moving the industry forward

The electrical industry is expanding and evolving right alongside the workforce. As America’s power needs continue to change, more young people are embracing opportunities across the sector — from engineering to project management to the electrical trade.

While these new employees are helping to keep the lights on and power flowing, a special group of electrical professionals is innovating and driving change. This year’s EC&M 30 Under 30 special report honors 30 up-and-coming leaders with bright futures and the passion to succeed.

For example, Maria Ellis of M.C. Dean, one of nine women featured, takes pride in working as a young woman engineer in the electrical industry.

“The amount of woman engineers has increased significantly over the past few years, and I love to see them succeed,” she says.

Joshua Fetzner, vice president of commercial construction for Titan Electrical Services, says the electrical industry offers a lot of opportunity for everyone.

“The trades are lacking good young talent,” Fetzner says. “Don't be afraid to learn a trade — it’s something that everyone needs and will always be around.”

The electrical trade runs in the family for Fetzner, whose dad and brother are both electricians. The same is true for Electrical Facilities Engineer Jordan Emch, the son of an engineer. He says he’s honored to be nominated and selected for EC&M’s 30 Under 30.

“I always enjoy opportunities to share personal experiences with others, and this feature gives young professionals in the industry an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together,” Emch says.

Following are the stories of 30 young electrical professionals who are helping to power America, make their mark, and continue to inspire change in the electrical industry.

2023’s Under 30 EC&M Electrical All Stars:

Angel Avendano

Marisa Bailey

Emily Boss

Shelby Brajak

Tyler Burley

Daniela Diaz

Joyeuse Dufitumukiza

Maria Ellis

Jordan Emch

Joshua Fetzner

Griffin Heidenreich

Dylan Hewitt

Darien Hudson

David Iniguez-Rojo

Spencer King

Sidnee Largent

Jordan Latimer

Patrick Locke

Jesse Mitchell

Paola Morales

Mark Niechwiadowicz

Danial Okhovvat Gilani

Makenna Pearlman

Chris Peoples

Chase Pruitt

Roberto Reyes

Ian Smith

Luke Snow

Dean Wedeking

Mohammed Zulfikar

SIDEBAR: Advice for Aspiring All Stars: What You Need to Succeed

Each year, new young professionals enter the electrical industry. This year’s 30 Under 30 group shares what it takes for up-and-comers to thrive in their careers.

1. Excitement and passion mixed with hard work and professionalism. This is the perfect recipe for success in the electrical industry, says Roberto Reyes, an electrician with Interstate Electrical Services Corp.

2. Thirst for knowledge. To succeed, it takes a desire to learn and truly understand things and how they work instead of just how to apply them, says Ian Smith, electrical engineer for CDM Smith.

3. Listen and learn. Even if your crew members are teaching you something you already know, they might know a trick that makes the job easier, says Makenna Pearlman, journeyman electrician for Brattan Industries.

4. Good attitude. Even if you are having the worst day, it’s essential to have a positive mindset, says Dylan Hewitt, estimator for Compass Electrical Solutions.

5. Self-management. Beyond managing your time, materials, and information, you need to focus on emotional intelligence, integrity, and conscientiousness, says Jesse Mitchell, apprenticeship coordinator for Claypool Electric.

Amy Fischbach ([email protected]) is a freelance writer and editor based in Overland Park, Kan. 

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