March 2023

Electrical Construction & Maintenance: Volume 122, Issue 3
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Tips for Passing an Electrical License Exam

March 17, 2023
The first step is to get your mind right.
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Help wanted construction industry

The Hardest Jobs to Fill in the Electrical Industry

March 16, 2023
With an estimated annual shortage of 80,000 electrical professionals into the next decade, any job opening is tough to fill. But some are proving to be tougher than others.
new products march 2023

New Product Showcase: Metering & Monitoring Equipment — March 2023

March 15, 2023
Check out the latest product innovations in metering and monitoring equipment.
grounding and bonding connection

How To Make Proper Grounding and Bonding Connections

March 15, 2023
Best practices for applying the eight methods outlined in Sec. 250.8 of the NEC

More content from March 2023

Courtesy of QTS Data Centers
Data centers practice maintenance testing and require at least one of the arc flash mitigation methods.

Seven Ways to Reduce Arc Flash Incident Energy

March 15, 2023
Best practices for arc flash mitigation
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How Electrical Contractors Can Attract Top Talent

March 15, 2023
Consider these outreach strategies and technological advances for reaching the next generation of electrical workers.
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Smoke alarm

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector Location Requirements

March 15, 2023
Understanding the basic requirements outlined in the International Residential Code and NFPA 72

Ongoing Worker Shortage Woes

March 14, 2023
How to make sense of the ever-changing construction market employment numbers
Fig. 1. Shorter conductors and minimal bends improve SPD performance by helping to reduce conductor impedance during high-frequency transient events.

NEC Requirements for Overvoltage Protection

March 10, 2023
Don’t rely on a single type of surge protection device; implement a strategy based on tiered protection.
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Green building

Three Steps to Capitalize on the Electrification Opportunity

March 1, 2023
How to prepare for a new future in the electrical industry
wires on ceiling with pipes

What's Wrong Here? Hint: Follow the Leader

Feb. 28, 2023
Can you spot the Code violation in this photo?
rusted electrical metallic tubing (EMT) raceway

Illustrated Catastrophes: Access Denied

Feb. 28, 2023
See the latest code violations from NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc.