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Ecm Salary Survey 2023 Promo

2023 Electrical Salary Survey and Career Report

Nov. 8, 2023
EC&M’s second industry compensation survey reveals pay increases and satisfying work don’t necessarily alleviate job-related stress for electrical professionals.
Fig. 1. An electrically powered passenger vehicle needs a dedicated charging circuit. Article 625 provides the requirements for installing the conductors and equipment for electric vehicle charging, power export, or bidirectional current flow.

NEC Requirements for EV Equipment

Nov. 9, 2023
The electrical conductors and equipment for connecting an electric vehicle to premises wiring must meet specific guidelines.
New Product Showcase: Motors, Drives, Motor Controls, Power Distribution Equipment — November 2023

New Product Showcase: Motors, Drives, Motor Controls, Power Distribution Equipment — November 2023

Nov. 9, 2023
Check out the latest product innovations in motors, drives, motor controls, and power distribution equipment.
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What’s Wrong Here? Hint: Rusty Connections

Nov. 9, 2023
Think you know how this installation violates the NEC?
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Code Conversations Podcast — Breaking Down Barrier Requirements

Nov. 6, 2023
Ellen and Russ talk about whether duct seal can be used to cover supply-side terminals.
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fast internet connection in the city at night
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Christmas tree on fire
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Powerful Perspectives: Electricians share insights, inspirations, and the importance of social media

Oct. 31, 2023
Despite the increasing demand for electricians, the number of young people pursuing skilled labor jobs is decreasing. However, the growth rate for electricians remains exceptionally...
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Code Quiz of the Week: No. 410

Oct. 30, 2023
Weekly Quiz on the 2020 National Electrical Code
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How Effective Are AFCIs and GFCIs?

Oct. 27, 2023
ESFI and NEMA use contractor survey findings to bolster the case for these safety devices in residential environments.
Commissioning Cover Photo

Maximizing Electrical Power Reliability Starts with Commissioning and Acceptance Testing

Oct. 26, 2023
Safe reliable power is the goal of every professional responsible for the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical power systems.